Best camera for a beginner photographer

If you’re just starting to learn photography, the first thing you need is a camera. Most of the people who are beginning think that camera equipment is what makes the difference between average and professional photo. Did you ever ask yourself why? The answer is straightforward – it’s easier to complain not having a top-level camera being a reason for ugly images, rather than having an average camera and not be able to take good pictures.

Today I want to discuss my thoughts on getting a first camera kit. From my experience, it is much better for the overall look of the photos to get the right lens and any camera you can afford. Lenses create the look, they can be soft, sharp, can do shallow depth of field effect (bokeh) or on the opposite side give you a photo that looks like it was shot on the phone. The camera, on the other hand, can add convenience to use, can be faster or slower, can have a better battery, etc., but will not influence the look of the photo as much as lens choice. The only thing in any camera that affects the look of the picture is a sensor size.

There are two kinds of sensor sizes – full frame and crop. Full frame gives you better bokeh and better light capabilities, so you can shoot with a smaller amount of light, these cameras are usually more expensive than crop cameras( the sensor is cropped from the full frame, it’s shorter), which result in a less bokeh and less light capabilities, they capture less light, so you need to increase camera’s sensitivity (ISO) which result in a more grainy photos with a low amount of light. As you see, these cameras have specific distinctive differences so you can decide what works for you, what budget you’re willing to spend on your camera gear.

Here is the list of cameras I can recommend for a beginner photographer:

  • Fujifilm XT-3 ( crop)
  • Sony A7III (full frame)
  • Sony A6500, 6400, 6300 ( crop)

These are the cameras I own and can recommend to anyone starting, you can go online and check the prices to figure out what works better for you but for sure you won’t regret getting any of these. In the next posts, I will go over each one of these so you can better understand the difference.