Best wedding schedule tips fast

Hello guys, this is Paul from TaraWeddings, and today I want to speak about some wedding schedule tips. As you know, all weddings are different, but the thing is, all of them are pretty much similar because they consist of similar parts no matter what culture you’re from, what time of day it is, or what your names are.

So every wedding consists of preparation, ceremony, wedding photo shoot, cocktail hour, reception with entrance, speeches, maybe performances, cake-cutting, dance floor. So let’s go over all these main parts quickly.

During the preparation, it’s very important to capture details. Each bride and groom, they have their own details. For the groom it will be jacket, shoes, socks, watch, any other accessories.

For the bride it’s a little bit more. It’s a dress, jewelry, necklace, earrings, bracelets, shoes, bouquet, invitation, any other accessories. So it’s very important to put in your scheduled time for your wedding photographer and videographer to capture all these details before they switch to your coverage.

Usually we ask for around half an hour for these detail shots, and ask bride and grooms to prepare all these details before we arrive, because if we’re going to arrive and you’re not ready, you will waste your time looking for all these items. But if you will prepare all these things before the photographer arrives, it will take less time for the photographer to wait for these items.

So he or she can just do the detail shots quickly and then transition to the actual coverage of your bridal party and yourself. So, half an hour for the detail shots.

Then we do the preparation. For grooms, preparation part usually takes around one hour, including the detail shots. But for the bride, we need half an hour for the detail shots and then one hour for the getting ready shots, because for the bride it’s a little bit more complicated than for the grooms, because brides, they have their dress, they need to do the makeup, they need to do the hair, and so on and so forth. So, one hour and a half for the bride, one hour for the groom.

Then we usually go to the ceremony. It depends on the culture, but usually ceremonies take around one hour, maybe one hour and a half, something like this. So it’s good to put the travel time from the preparation location to the ceremony location and add some more, 15 minutes, to make sure that everything is on time.

So, after the preparation you put 15 minutes plus, and then travel time. Then we have the ceremony. People arrive, people hug each other and so on. We capture all this. And then the actual ceremony. Ceremony usually takes one to maybe two hours.

After the ceremony, we can do the group shots. For the group shots at the church, usually it takes around half an hour because all the guests are already there. For the group shots that you want to do outside somewhere… If it’s a golf course, for example, you want to go to the forest or something like this…

In this case maybe you will need more time, like one hour, because you need to consider the time for all the guests to come to the photo shoot location. So you have this time.

And then after the group shots are done, we transition to the bridal photos, bride and groom together. For this kind of photos, we usually ask for around one hour. If you will have one hour and a half it will be better, because we do photo and video, but one hour is usually enough. So we have this one hour.

Then bride and groom go to the bridal suite so they can relax, and the photo and video team go to the reception. At the wedding receptions, usually we capture all the guests arriving, food served, and so on.

This part takes around half an hour, maybe one hour. It all depends on the schedule. Sometimes it’s more, but usually I would say it’s around one hour. And again, put extra 15 minutes, because usually guests are not on time. Usually guests are getting late, something go wrong, technical questions and so on.

So we do the cocktail hour, and then there is entrance of the bridal party of the bride and groom. So we do the entrance. Usually these entrances take around 20 minutes, half an hour. It depends on the culture.

Some entrances, they take up to one hour. If it’s Eastern wedding, they do drums, they do different kind of fancy entrances on horses, on helicopters, and so on. So there is time for this entrance.

And then you have dinner, and then you have the rest of the reception with the speeches, the bouquet toss, cake-cutting, performances, and so on.

So, guys, the main advice that I can give you is to put extra time between each locations. And don’t think that you will be on time or even faster than the schedule, because usually it doesn’t happen.

So take your time, be relaxed. Don’t rush, because if you’re going to rush, it will be not a wedding for you. It will be just a crazy day of nonsense. But you want to enjoy your wedding, right?

So it’s better to put extra time and get your photographer for extra one hour, two hours or something like this, so the whole wedding will be completely different.

Thank you for listening or reading. Please let me know if you have any questions, and see you next time. Thank you.