How To Look Good In Wedding Photos?

08.11.2017 | Articles

A wedding can be a slightly overwhelming event to be a part of, especially for the first time. For most of the guests at a wedding, the always-present photographer is something new. Even though they may not be shy, not all of us are used to cameras up close, or to posing for photos. This […]

What is silent coverage and why is it important for a wedding?

08.11.2017 | Articles

The role of the photographer, before the role of taking pictures, is that of being invisible and silent. The event is not about the photographer. They are there to capture the event as it unfolds, without changing anything or drawing attention to themselves. This doesn’t apply during the staged photo shoot, when the photographer leads […]

Top 10 places for engagement photos in Toronto

08.11.2017 | Articles

1. Waterfront Toronto’s waterfront has a lot of photo locations to offer those looking for a skyline view, or a view of the water. Regardless which way you choose to face, the lakefront breeze, and lack of lighting obstructions means great shots here, if you come on a sunny day. Even the breeze off the […]

Photo booth – necessity or luxury?

08.11.2017 | Articles

When hiring a wedding photographer and videographer for your wedding, and after looking through complete packages, it can seem like you have everything you need. However, the photo booth can add a bonus to your wedding, like an event within the event. While the night is coming to an end, and the main attractions have […]

5 reasons to order printing on canvas

08.11.2017 | Articles

  Today, the world of visuals, pictures or videos, is very digital. Capturing and storing media digitally is the preferred way of the vast majority, both professional and recreational photographers and videographers. This is ideal, as capturing and storing should be done in the most practical, efficient, and reliable way possible. When it comes to […]

Same Day Edit- What Is It And Why You Should Get It

20.10.2017 | Services

A Same Day Edit (SDE) is an edit of the footage shot during the first part of your wedding day and then viewed at the reception. Unlike a short music video that you will play in a close circle when you receive it a few weeks after the event, a Same Day Edit will be […]

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