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We are passionate about the industry we take part in, and we know well enough, how foreign it looks to our clients. Wedding photography and videography is way more complex than just pressing a button, and we would like to introduce you to all the little details that usually stay behind the stage.

In this blog you will also find some useful tips on how to contribute to the process from your end, which surely will elevate the pictures beyond all your expectations. Aspiring photographers can also find an abundance of information here.


Hello people, this is Paul and today I want to speak about the reason why being a photographer, a wedding photographer, in Toronto is a great experience, and this is pretty much one of the best places to be a wedding photographer. As you know, Canada is a country of immigrants, and Toronto is the […]

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I want to speak about the reason why every wedding photographer should bring a second camera on a wedding and what these camera that wedding photographers use should have in them in order to shoot any kind of wedding. So the first of all, wedding, it’s a one time event. […]

Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is Paul, and today I want to speak about raw files. Why? For wedding photographers, it’s very important to always shooting raw. As you may know, digital cameras can shoot in two different formats. First one, it’s a JPEG. It’s a compressed file. You can apply some adjustments to it, […]

Hello, people. Today want to tell you why Tara Weddings have a consistent team of wedding photographers and videographers. As you can imagine, the wedding is a very busy event and that lots of things will happen in one particular day. You rely on somebody who will cover or capture all these moments that you […]

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Paul and today I want to speak about the role of wedding photographer on the wedding. It’s obvious that wedding photographer is hired to shoot the wedding in his own style, with the best approach, with a professional attitude, but what else your wedding photographer do on the wedding? […]

Hello guys, this is Paul from TaraWeddings, and today I want to speak about some wedding schedule tips. As you know, all weddings are different, but the thing is, all of them are pretty much similar because they consist of similar parts no matter what culture you’re from, what time of day it is, or […]

Hello people. This is Paul from Tara Weddings and today I want to answer a question that I was asked many times: why the whole team of Tara Weddings switched to mirror less cameras. Have you ever seen not mirror less camera? Usually they produce lots of noise, clicks. Imagine yourself standing on the aisle […]

Hello guys, this is Paul from Tara Weddings, and today I want to speak about one very interesting question, that lots of brides and grooms asking me. What is the difference between candid and staged wedding photography, and what kind of photography do you actually need for your wedding? As you may know, wedding photography, […]

Hello people, this is Paul from TaraWeddings, and today I want to speak about another interesting wedding related question. How to be ready for your wedding for the photographer arrival? Lots of brides and grooms getting ready for the first time. That’s why they are a little bit nervous and have no idea what they […]

Hello guys, this is Paul from Tara Weddings, and today I want to speak about one very interesting question that lots of brides and grooms ask me. Why do they need engagement photo shoot before they have a wedding? So what’s so special about this engagement photo shoot? First of all, engagement photo shoot, it’s […]

Hello people. Today I want to speak about the amount of wedding photographers you need for your wedding. Booking hundreds of different weddings, I’ve heard this question a lot. People asking, how many photographers we need for our wedding? And the answer is simple: it all depends. It all depends on the type of the […]

Why silent wedding photography coverage is very important for your wedding day. As you may know, most of the professional wedding photographers and professional photographers in general use DSLR cameras. These are big bulky cameras that produce amazing quality pictures. Everything is fine, but the thing is they click. They click loudly. They click a […]