Best camera for a beginner photographer

15.05.2019 | Tips and Tricks

If you’re just starting to learn photography, the first thing you need is a camera. Most of the people who are beginning think that camera equipment is what makes the difference between average and professional photo. Did you ever ask yourself why? The answer is straightforward – it’s easier to complain not having a top-level […]

What is photography?

15.05.2019 | Tips and Tricks

Hello guys! This is a first part of my new blog dedicated to those, who want to learn photography from the inside out and start getting paid for the thing we love to do. Reading different articles and watching youtube for the last several years I always had this question in my head – there […]

Music for wedding videography

18.03.2018 | Articles

Hello my friends! Today I want to speak about one of the most important aspects of wedding videography – music. Usually when we think about any video we remember visuals – people, colours, light, motion but only sound brings all this together and makes you feel emotion. Try to watch your favorite film without sound […]

Top 3 editing softwares for wedding videography

17.03.2018 | Tips and Tricks

Hello people! As always Paul is here and this time I want to discuss different options when to it comes to the editing software that can be used while editing wedding videos for your clients. For all these years that me and my company Taraweddings are active on the market we used different editing softwares […]

What cinematic wedding videography really means

17.03.2018 | Articles

Hello people! This is Paul and this time I want to talk about something what people usually call cinematic wedding videography. What this term means and what’s the difference between cinematic wedding videography and documentary wedding coverage. Term “cinematic” means something that tells a story using filmmaking techniques. Techniques that develop a story, show the […]

Top 5 moments for wedding videography

17.03.2018 | Tips and Tricks

Hello guys! This is Paul and today I want to discuss a topic that seems to be obvious for everyone in theory but could be difficult to accomplish during the wedding day – top 5 moments that should be filmed during every wedding. There are lots of different types of weddings with different ceremonies, religious […]

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