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We are passionate about the industry we take part in, and we know well enough, how foreign it looks to our clients. Wedding photography and videography is way more complex than just pressing a button, and we would like to introduce you to all the little details that usually stay behind the stage.

In this blog you will also find some useful tips on how to contribute to the process from your end, which surely will elevate the pictures beyond all your expectations. Aspiring photographers can also find an abundance of information here.


A Same Day Edit (SDE) is an edit of the footage shot during the first part of your wedding day and then viewed at the reception. Unlike a short music video that you will play in a close circle when you receive it a few weeks after the event, a Same Day Edit will be

Nowadays it is so easy to choose a career in photography. There are tons of information available, and the best equipment on the market is becoming more and more accessible. However becoming an actual professional wedding photographer is more complicated than getting a good camera and learning how to use it. So how will you

Hi guys, this is Paul. Today I want to speak about wedding photographer and videographer, why you as a client should consider booking both, and why it’s better to book them from the same company. Do you really need videography? From my perspective I say it’s definitely yes. Why should you consider videography for your

We all love a good deal. The feeling you get from saving money when getting a high-quality product is almost as good as the feeling you get when the love of your life asks you to marry him. The two of these rarely go hand in hand, however. Everything that is related to the wedding

You did your homework and found a few wedding photographers from across the GTA you liked the most. Seeing you here, let ’s assume I am one of them. You contacted me and made an appointment. However, you ’re not sure what are the key questions to keep in mind when speaking with your future

Hello everyone! Today I want to introduce you to the professional wedding album. Why is a wedding album is so important for everybody who is getting married or just got married? Let’s say you’re newly married and want to see your favorite wedding photos from the big day. Maybe you have them on a USB

Quite impressive our performances, aren’t they? Let us show you at what point we are passionate about our creations. We are those who capture pure emotions, rigid feelings, and unforgettable moments. We are the creators of memories. Masters of visual style, elegance and softness. It has been a while we are the best wedding photography

Merry Photo Package Includes 6 hrs of coverage 1 photographer 400-500 HQ edited photos Online gallery USB package $1999 Reserve He proposed, you said yes. That is one of the most exciting moments in your life. But once you finish tearing up, calling your mom, calling your best friend, calling her mom, and finally breath

Hello guys! This is Paul and today we gonna speak about the features that perfect wedding videography camera should have! Some people may think that any kind of decent video camera would work and all depends on a skill of the cameraman. I agree that skill is important part here, but there are some requirements

Sure, planning a wedding can be stressful, but there is certainly some interesting elements of it also. By way of instance, wedding cake tasting is unquestionably among our favourite sections of wedding preparation! You have to taste these desserts and cakes and choose which one is going to be the one which you have in