What cinematic wedding videography really means

17.03.2018 | Articles

Hello people! This is Paul and this time I want to talk about something what people usually call cinematic wedding videography. What this term means and what’s the difference between cinematic wedding videography and documentary wedding coverage. Term “cinematic” means something that tells a story using filmmaking techniques. Techniques that develop a story, show the […]

Top 5 moments for wedding videography

17.03.2018 | Tips and Tricks

Hello guys! This is Paul and today I want to discuss a topic that seems to be obvious for everyone in theory but could be difficult to accomplish during the wedding day – top 5 moments that should be filmed during every wedding. There are lots of different types of weddings with different ceremonies, religious […]

Wedding Photography Tips For Brides

08.11.2017 | Articles

On this most special occasion, no one knows exactly what the bride is feeling except the bride herself. When everything happening around you is about you, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed. During a day like this, communication isn’t always the easiest for the bride, but with a few tips it is possible for her to […]

Wedding photography ideas for photographers

08.11.2017 | Articles

There are many opportunities throughout the wedding day to do something unique and original for your wedding photos and make the moment more memorable.   From the morning preparations, it is possible to make the wedding photos more interesting than what everyone has already seen. Lay out the jewelry and clothing in an interesting way. […]

Low light wedding photography tips

08.11.2017 | Articles

  At the end of the night when most of the main events of the wedding have taken place and it’s time for dancing, the lights are turned down for the mood. This doesn’t help the photographer at all, and they now have to solve a problem. Our eyes are incredible at adjusting to varied […]

Wedding photography camera settings

08.11.2017 | Articles

The typical wedding day consists of several events that are each uniquely captured by the photographer. The camera settings used on a wedding are always changing, but there are a few predictable moments on each wedding day that have suitable corresponding camera settings.   The morning preparations usually happen before 11am. At this time, the […]

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