How many photos you can expect

Hello guys, this is Paul. And today I want to tell you how many photos you can expect from your wedding day. For lots of couples it’s a very important question because they want to have more.

They want to have everything from the wedding as much as they can in most cases. Why? Because your editors, our editors can skip some for us, that may be very important for them.

So usually we submit around 800, for us it’s average amount. It depends on what exactly happening on the wedding day. If you will have lots of different performances, speeches, dances, live band, DJ, some kind of violin players, whatever, lots of guests and so on, so in this case you will get much more photos because we will have lots of material to work with.

But, if on your wedding day your people will be just sitting, eating and talking on the tables, you cannot expect many photos. Why? Because people usually don’t like when we take photos of them eating. It’s disgusting and it’s annoying for your guests.

So if you want to have photos with your guests it’s much better if you will entertain them somehow, so they can stand and do something on your wedding day. In this case, it will get much more photos.

Then after the wedding we will need to select around 60 photos for the album. So pretty much 800 is more than enough in most cases. Sometimes, usually on Asian weddings, Indian weddings, Chinese weddings, something like this, people want to have all photos because they have lots of important relatives, like thousands of relatives, so they want to capture and they want to have everything.

And it’s fine. In this case we’ll submit just all the photos from the wedding day. Some people are shy, not showing their originals, but from my point of view, it is completely fine because if you know how to shoot there is nothing to be shy for. Make sense?

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