How to be ready for your wedding photographer arrival

Hello people, this is Paul from TaraWeddings, and today I want to speak about another interesting wedding related question. How to be ready for your wedding for the photographer arrival?

Lots of brides and grooms getting ready for the first time. That’s why they are a little bit nervous and have no idea what they need for their photographer to prepare so he or she will be able to do his/her best possible job.

As you can imagine, wedding, it’s not just about their passport photos, just the close ups. Wedding is more about the details. It’s about the details that you are actually preparing for the wedding. These details are invitation, rings, shoes, necklace, earrings, rings, flowers, shoes, bow ties, sneakers, any kind of special items, religious items and so on.

You actually want to have photos of all these items because they are doing their job on the wedding. They are creating special event, special moment for you.

In order to make your photographer happy and not to waste time during the preparation, it’s always a good idea before the photographer arrives to prepare all these items and put them in one location for the photographer to be able to get them right away and start arranging them for photos.

If you will be searching for all these items during the preparation, when you’re busy with your makeup, when your bridesmaids are busy with their makeup, when your parents are busy with their things in the morning, it will be really hard to search for all these things.

If you will be already in the dress, you will need to take the dress off. If you will be in your earrings, you will need to take the earrings off in order to take the photos.

The best option is to schedule your wedding in a way so when your photographer arrives, you are in the wedding robe, if it’s girls, or you’re just wearing some casual clothes.

And give all these items to your wedding photographer so he can start taking the little shorts and while he’s taken these little shorts, you can keep preparing your things.

When he’s done with all these details, he can transition to the getting ready shots, using the same items when your friends, when your bridesmaids, maid of honor helping you or groomsmen helping you to put these items on you, if it’s any kind of jewelry, so you will have both kinds of photos.

Just little shots and also these details on you. In this case, you will have a full story and every photo you pretty much can imagine, instead of just the photos of you with everything on you already.

Guys, if you want your wedding day to go smoothly, please consider this advice, and find all your items that you want your photographer to capture and put them in one certain location so nobody will need to search for them when your photographer arrives.

Thank you guys. I hope you find this advice very helpful. If anything, let me know. Ask me any questions and see you the next time. Thank you.