How to choose music for your wedding highlight video

Come on guys. This is Paul from Para Weddings and now I want to steep about the music for your highlight videos. As you know, we submit two kinds of videos. One is the feature wedding film, which is around one hour plus because we never know how long it can take, one hour and a half somewhere. A video with all the speeches, the ceremonies, the preparation, all in full, fully edited with the background music with a nice cutaways of the music when you starting your speeches and so on. In another option, another video, that we are getting is the highlight. So highlight it’s artistic video that we create for you. Let’s say it’s like an advertisement of your wedding or any kind of trailer of your wedding. So it’s supposed to be super fun, it’s supposed to be cinematic and so on. So without the music, video just doesn’t make any big sense because even in the era of silent movies, there was a piano playing, playing in the same room to get people into the flow of the video.

Sound, I would say it’s really more important than the actual visual because sound can create the flow. And if the picture is just so… And sound is good, you’ll still be able to get into this mood. But if view is good, is shoot really well, but there is no sound or sound awful, video loses the quality right away. So to be able to edit a highlight video, we need some music and usually we ask our clients to send us around five songs, different genres, different pace, different tempo, different mood. So we can choose the one that fits the best for this video. This is one option and this option is an option, but I think it is when we edit on the music, we supposed to fall on the song and this song was written not exactly for your wedding, so sometimes your wedding goes up and the song goes down and how come you’re going to edit. So it really emphasizes the wedding.

In this case we do cinematic highlights. And what it means we also can create music for your particular highlight. We have a data bank of different songs, different sounds, different transitions for this highlights. So we are able to create a film for you, a short film of your wedding. So it’s not just a cut with the music anymore, it becomes actual film where with the sound we can create the flow and with the flow we can create the mood. So you will feel the wedding even more watching this video. So guys, as you see the right two options, you can choose the music or we can choose the music and I would recommend to let us do our chap. And in this case you will be more happy. Thank you guys for listening and watching. And please let me know if you have any kind of questions and I will do my best to answer most of them. Have a good day. Bye.