How to make your photos much better instanly

Hello guys! As an owner of a wedding studio I’m getting lots of resumes and portfolios from different photographers who want to join my team. Seeing lots of different photos that these shooters send to me I can tell that most of them having pretty much same problems that are holding them back from creating great images.

Usually new photographers think that cameras, lenses and light make the most impact on the final result, which is not exact truth.

You can have the best camera possible with the most expensive lens attached to it, you may have a beautiful location with the best possible light and still get a shitty photos that won’t resonate with your viewers and the reason is really simple when you get it – you need to have something particular that your image is showing, what’s the main focus of your photo?

I’m not talking about the ability of a cemera to focus, I’m talking about what exactly you are trying to show, what exactly you like in front of you that you want to capture. It can be certain feeling, situation, colours, movement, anything you like

Let’s say you’re shooting a girl outside on the street, what this kind of things you can include? Street, buildings, cars, other people, your model, her beautiful hairstyle, her dress, her lips, her heels, her pose, her relationship with surroundings, time of the day and many more other nuances.

Your goal as a photographer is to choose something one that will be your main focus of the particular photo that you’re taking and force all the rest to add to the main focus and not to distract. And this is the main mistake new photographers do – they try to include everything at once so the viewer cannot understand where exactly to look and wtf? they see in front of them.

Shooting one thing at a time you are able to get better understanding of what is working for your benefit and what is not. You can start to see the light since you will be able to see how it affects your main focus of attention – main subject.

Hope you learned something new today. Please let me know if you have any questions in comments below.