Wedding Music – How to select a music for your wedding videos?

Paul:                      Hello, dear friends. This is Paul, and today we’re going to speak about one very interesting question that lots of brides and grooms ask me all the time. So what’s the best solution to find the music for your highlight video? So there are a few options… And today I’m here with Alex. He’s a professional musician and he knows a lot about music and he knows a lot about making the proper music for videos. Because also he’s a wedding videographer in our team, and pretty much he is the best one because he can shoot your wedding and you will not be able to tell if it was shot in Hollywood or at your own house. So guys, this is Alex.

Alex:                      Thank you, thank you.

Paul:                      So I will tell you about the option when clients chooses the music, and Alex will tell you some ideas that he have for the clients that decide to go with our soundtrack. Make sense?

Alex:                      Yeah, absolutely makes sense. Yeah, there are so many different ways how you can choose the music for your wedding video. Because every wedding, every couple, they have their own tastes, right?

Paul:                      Yes, exactly.

Alex:                      And of course it’s always up to you, but finding the proper music, the proper tune, the proper soundtrack is basically, I would say that’s the essential part. Because imagine if you have a video of your wedding and there’s heavy metal in the background, so that’s one atmosphere, right?

Paul:                      Mood, yeah. It’s different.

Alex:                      Yeah, so if you have death metal music-

Paul:                      That’s the other way.

Alex:                      Yes, that’s the other way, right? If you have hip hop, again, that’s something else. So I would say the music, it is something that gives you the right attitude, the right mood for the shoot itself.

Paul:                      Absolutely.

Alex:                      And especially for wedding videos.

Paul:                      Wedding videos.

Alex:                      Wedding videos, wedding videos.

Paul:                      Wedding videos. Google, hear us very much. This is wedding.

Alex:                      Yes, you can always pick up your own music. I don’t know, if you have tracks that you enjoy listening and you want these tracks to be on the video, that’s absolutely fine. However, because you delegate the rights to professionals to make the actual movie about yourself, how you get married.

Paul:                      Yes.

Alex:                      Then it would make sense to delegate the same rights to choose the music. Because when you shoot the video, you already feel the vibe of that video. And correct me if I’m wrong.

Paul:                      Yes, I agree with you.

Alex:                      And so basically you are the eyes of what is going to be happening on the movie. And it makes sense to give that professional delegate the right to choose that atmosphere, choose that mood. That would be the best feat, sorry, the best match for the wedding video.

Paul:                      Yes, I absolutely agree. But there are two options that we allow our clients to choose from. The first one is the clients select the music for the video, and another one is when we create the music. So let me tell you a few words about the music that clients select. So first of all, when we ask for the music, we ask for several songs. Because if client will choose just the one song, we can add it on this song if client really insist on it. But sometimes this music just doesn’t fit to the overall mood of the wedding, and we will need to do all the job again all over again with editing. So we usually ask to send us at least five songs so we can choose the best one that fits. And also these five songs supposed to be in a different genre or a different mood. So we can find something that works the best.

Paul:                      But the thing is when we edit on the song, this already existing, we are limited by this exact song. So we need to find the footage that goes well with this particular song. And sometimes it just doesn’t happen, because your wedding have different kinds of structure in a mood. So your wedding had some kind of small, tiny, silent preparation, and then you have a ceremony when everybody’s crying and everybody’s screaming and so on. But in the music you have some kind of different flow, so it won’t work as good as some custom music that we can create for you. So Alex, please tell me how would you do this custom music for the video?

Alex:                      So there are several options how to do that music for a wedding video.

Paul:                      Yes.

Alex:                      And we’re talking about the wedding video?

Paul:                      Exactly, only for weddings.

Alex:                      Okay.

Paul:                      Especially in Toronto, because Toronto is a multicultural city and we have different cultures and all of them, they pretty much have different tastes in the music. So how would you go with this?

Alex:                      Okay, I would say you can go two different ways. First way, if you provide certain tracks that you want to be on the video, in this case, our company also introduces a DJ services, so we can do mixing of all these tracks. So whenever the footage implies that it should be something soft, then we can mix the soft track, right?

Paul:                      You add some softness.

Alex:                      And if the footage implies some hardcore, we can-

Paul:                      Some people like hardcore.

Alex:                      In this case we can add some-

Paul:                      Hardcore.

Alex:                      Hardcore music.

Paul:                      To your way.

Alex:                      The other option is that we have huge, huge library of different tracks, sounds, some of the effects and stuff.

Paul:                      For weddings?

Alex:                      For weddings, yes. Because we’re talking just about weddings.

Paul:                      And especially in Toronto.

Alex:                      Especially in Toronto, Toronto weddings.

Paul:                      Photography and videography.

Alex:                      And DJing. And Because we have such a big library and we’ve been working with this library for a long period of time, so we can find something that perfectly match the footage. So this was the second option. It won’t require additional work. Basically I would say that if the customer provide us with, let’s say five tracks, then usually it’s more work. Because you need to find what fits better from the limited amount of sounds, of music, right?

Paul:                      Yeah.

Alex:                      But if you have a big library, then you know exactly. You see the footage and then you know, “Okay, I know which track would fit perfectly for that.” And again, we do not put the same tracks for every fricking wedding.

Paul:                      Yeah, because usually it becomes annoying to see all this wedding videos edited on the same song.

Alex:                      Exactly, and plus, every wedding is individual, every person is individual. So it’s a personal vibe of every couple.

Paul:                      Yes.

Alex:                      And so yeah, I’d say that’s a more creative process. When you have more options, you are more creative. And usually our customers who are wedding couples-

Paul:                      [inaudible 00:09:11].

Alex:                      From Toronto, they usually satisfied unless they insist they want to use their own tracks. But, yeah.

Paul:                      So is there any option to create custom music, like to write the music from scratch for any particular wedding? Is it costing more, is there any add-on when you create the music for the client?

Alex:                      Yeah, well you can do that if you want. However, I would say that it’s not a rarity, but I’d say maybe 1 out of 10 customers who would ask for this. It’s not a lot, but it costs some money because there’s some other work involved.

Paul:                      Yeah.

Alex:                      So yes, we have access to a lot of instruments, a lot of sound effects. However, it’s something that you create from the scratch. And when something’s created from the scratch, that requires more attention, more work, more time and stuff like that. And again, we always, if we do that, then we consult with the customer. So we prepare several different tracks, we give it to them and see what they pick up. And depending on their choice, we try to develop the idea that the day pick up, kind of thing.

Paul:                      But in this case, usually clients they just love. Because they see the music that we create for them, and we can also write lyrics for the couple and about the couple, is it possible?

Alex:                      Well, I remember only two customers who did that.

Paul:                      Yeah.

Alex:                      But correct me if I’m wrong, the one bride, she was a lyricist or something, so she knows poetry.

Paul:                      Yeah.

Alex:                      So she knows how to write the text. So she gave us the text already-

Paul:                      For the song?

Alex:                      For the song, yeah. We just had to write the music for this song.

Paul:                      Yeah, and it was a great experience for everybody.

Alex:                      Oh yeah, we had a great time. I remember we went to the studio, we spent one full day, we had additional eight people, there was a violinist, a drummer, a trombonist, who else?

Paul:                      Dancers.

Alex:                      Go-go dancers.

Paul:                      Just to support everybody.

Alex:                      So yeah, that was a great experience. And the other one we had to create the text ourselves. And I’m not the lyricist at all, so Paul did all the work. But yeah, they enjoyed the final product.

Paul:                      And they had lots of tears because of this. Because it’s not some kind of Ed Sheeran music for your wedding, when hundreds of different weddings use the same song. But it was created custom for this particular couple.

Alex:                      Well you have to mention these guys, they were in love with hip hop.

Paul:                      Yeah.

Alex:                      And you’re more a lyricist in hip hop.

Paul:                      Yeah.

Alex:                      So you know how to write, to find the right rhyme. And so when you were talking to each other, you clicked.

Paul:                      They liked the click. Yeah, so pretty much as you see, there are different options about the music selection for wedding videos. And from our point of view, the best option is when we select the music. When our studio, because we do this full-time, we do this for many years and we have lots of experience with different couples and different moods for different weddings. So we are able to choose something that will make you cry.

Alex:                      And laugh.

Paul:                      And laugh, and cry again, and laugh and then love us, doing what we love to do. So guys, thank you very much for listening. It was me, Paul.

Alex:                      And Alex.

Paul:                      See you the next time.