How wedding photographer can exceed client’s expectations

Hello guys, this is Paul from Tara weddings and today I want to discuss one very interesting question; how a wedding photographer can exceed the expectations of a client. Usually when bridegroom looking for the wedding photographer, they’re looking for the experience and the good photos. So good photos is one thing; good photos is what you can sell to your client easily because you just show them, they tell you that, “Okay, this looks great, we love it, so were going to get it.” But the experience that they are getting from you, it is something that you cannot actually hold, but you can tell to your clients something that they will cherish, something that they will help … that will help them to go through the day. Something that they will love about you, so it’s your behavior, it’s the way you interact with your clients. So first of all, everybody like to be unique.

They like to be treated as they are unique, so basically the point here is that, ask them questions. Ask them as many questions as you think they will be able to answer, because you don’t want to overwhelm your clients with lots of friendly questions about, “Oh, it’s nice ring. Oh, it’s nice dress. Oh, it’s nice this this. Where you get all this stuff so send me a list of all these places.” No, it’s too much, but if you can tell them, “Oh, you know what your dress is beautiful, where did you get it?” or “You know what, I love the way you smile.” Or something “Oh, I love how you interact with your parents.” something that is actual, that is real and unique to this particular couple … these particular people, because you don’t want to be generic saying your clients that, “Oh, you know what, I love everything that was your wedding.” It doesn’t sound really natural and true, so it’s better to be open.

Always it’s good to discuss mixed patience of what actually your clients want to get from you on the wedding day. If they have any kind of special guests that they want you to focus on, or there can be some special situations, some special small events within the big wedding event, that they want you to focus on, and we as wedding photographers have to know about all these things before the wedding, because we are the one that are being paid to be focused all day long. It’s not just about your photos, it’s about how you take them and what you actually get.

Another thing here how you can … how you can overwhelm your client with your service in a good way, it’s that, for example, the way you dress on a wedding, because if you’re just starting, you may thank that, “Okay, I need to wear all the best things that I have at home to look the best.” But what if you will be looking better than the actually groom or bride? It can be too much, right? Because you don’t want to attract too much attention of the guests. You want to be like a friend on the wedding day, but somebody who’s not taking attention from the main people. So the best option here is to dress something casual but dress it casual, so it’s comfortable for you and at the same time you can fit to the style of the actual wedding.

So in this case, you won’t be like a service provider coming in a uniform, but at the same time nobody ask you to look better than the bride or groom. So the best here is to fit into the crowd. Another thing here is that as we can understand everybody wants their photos as soon as possible, so it’s a good practice to send some photos to the clients next day after the wedding, or a few days after the wedding if you are busy next day. So in this case, they will be able to share the photos with their friends, relatives, and when these photos are fresh, everybody sees that you … you’re actual pro, you can deliver very fast and this photos look amazing. In this case, they will cherish you as a professional and as a service provider, because everybody loves the best service, and we are as wedding professionals, supposed to deliver in the highest standards.

So guys, the main idea here is to actually hear and see what your clients want and deliver whatever they want, and make it easy. Don’t make it too complicated for them because they will not be able to thank you in the proper way, so if you’re giving them this, this, this, this, this, this, “You’re so amazing. I can fix this, I can fix this, I can fix this.” And what’s left? You’re like, “Yeah, I can do this, I can do …” it’s … usually it’s too much, unless you get up with the … unless you get into the couple that wants some extra super attention and they are like, “Yes, nobody gave us any attention before so we are paying money to get this.”

Usually people are okay, people are fine, so the good amount of attention to some extra pieces would be sufficient to exceed their expectations of just a photographer on a wedding day, and it’s really important because when you exceed, these people will talk about you and they will start to promote you within their friend circle. Thank you guys for listening and see you the next time, bye.