How To Look Good In Wedding Photos?

A wedding can be a slightly overwhelming event to be a part of, especially for the first time. For most of the guests at a wedding, the always-present photographer is something new. Even though they may not be shy, not all of us are used to cameras up close, or to posing for photos. This can be especially hard as we socialize and talk to our friends and family. There are several ways to look good in photos at your friend’s wedding and remain at ease and relaxed around the photographer’s camera all day.


First, it is important to remember that a professional wedding photographer does this all the time, and they are used to being polite, subtle, and pleasant for their subjects to feel comfortable. A photographer will know when it is a good moment to point the camera you, and when it might not be as pleasant for you. For example, while eating some particularly messy food, or while fixing your clothes, a professional won’t get in your face with the camera. At the same time, during important to capture moments that could be disturbed by getting too close to the subject, the photographer might use a longer lens and attempt to take a candid photo. By working quietly and quickly, the photographer can work to get the best out of you without you even knowing, and you will look good in the wedding album.


While posed portraits and group shots are a must have for any wedding album, the natural photos are the main attraction for most of the evening’s memories. It is important to trust the photographer and not always look into the camera after noticing that they are trying to take a photo. They are trying to capture your expressions, the one that was there before you looked at the camera, so even if it makes you curious, try to look away, at least for another few moments. Not looking into the lens will make a wedding photographer very happy, and also your friends when they see the results in their final album. Relax and stay in the moment, the camera is there but not there.


Wardrobe choices can be very important when it comes to being photogenic, and giving you confidence around the wedding photographer all evening long. The simplest choices like avoiding line patterns that don’t show up well on camera, and wearing solids instead, can result in far better shots of you. Matching with your date or complementing them can also make sure the two of you get into the wedding album, in style.


Finally, timing is very important to the wedding photographer. Adjusting your hair or finishing up your makeup as you are being posed will hold everyone up, and cut into the time the photographer has to make you all shine alongside the marrying couple. Avoid wandering away from the group, as keeping up can ensure you aren’t missing from any spontaneous shots, or that the group doesn’t have to wait for you to have you in the picture.