Music for wedding videography

Hello my friends!

Today I want to speak about one of the most important aspects of wedding videography – music.

Usually when we think about any video we remember visuals – people, colours, light, motion but only sound brings all this together and makes you feel emotion. Try to watch your favorite film without sound at all and you won’t enjoy it as much as you would with a proper soundtrack that fits and compliments the story.

In wedding videography we have two different kinds of videos – highlight and feature films.

Highlight videos are short ones, around 3-10 minutes long, show all best and most memorable moments from a wedding. For such videos we usually use one main song that can be complimented with different sound effects or transitions. In this case it’s edited like a music video and people enjoy this type of videos because they can share them with their friends on Facebook, show their guests, refresh their own memories etc not spending an hour watching the whole wedding.

Feature wedding film is a completely different type of wedding video. This film covers the whole wedding and includes all complete main parts like preparation, ceremony, bridal shoot, grand entrance, first dance, speeches, dances and any other performances that happen at a venue. Important part here is the live voice from a ceremony, speeches and so on, so music here should be complimentary, not distracting from the wedding itself and not adding any additional meaning. Good option for such kind of films is some neutral instrumental music that will maintain same level of excitement thru the whole film.

One good thing here is that for both kinds of wedding videos you can use any music you want since these videos are shot for private usage only and don’t offend any copyright laws.

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