The way wedding photographer works with a couple

Hello guys, this is Paul from Tara Weddings, and now I want to tell you a few things about the way we work with our bride and groom during the photo shoot, because for most of the clients, this is the question. This is the question, how they will look good on the pictures that you’re going to take? Because for most of the people, they’re not professional models. To be in front of the wedding photographer’s camera, for them it’s a little bit overwhelming, and it’s a little bit outside of the box. They’re not doing this every day, so they ask questions. And what I usually answer is we don’t pose people, we direct it.

So pose a [inaudible 00:00:28]. Okay, go there and do this, then this way. Chin up, up, up, up, up. Okay, freeze. Now turning to me, now open your lips so they’re not like this, they’re more relaxed. Open your eyes, and it’s now smile. Does it feel natural? No it’s not. It’s not natural at all. It looks kind of okay, but it’s weird and it doesn’t make any sense for me, for myself.

So I like, and our guys do pictures the same way, we direct people. And direction means, okay, you know what? We need to do the get-it-ready shots. Fixing the bow tie, for example. Okay. You know what? You go there. The reason we do this amazing angle, I will take photo from here, what you need to do, just fix the bow tie. Just fix the bow tie. That’s it. Okay, if it looks good for the camera, amazing. If it’s not, then you direct, then you adjust the shot. Okay, man. You know what? Just turn a little bit. Keep doing the same thing, but just turn a little bit to the left. He’s already in the mood of doing things that he knows, and you just ask him to fix the bow tie and a little bit left, or right, or whatever. Okay, same thing, but just so I can see the bow tie better, just put it up a little. Makes sense? Makes sense.

It’s much easier for people to understand what you want from them, and stay in this real mood when you set them first and then you adjust, not starting from the, okay. You know what? Chin up. Don’t bring it… Back straight. Now touch your bow tie, and then smile. No. If you want a guy to smile or a girl to smile, what’s even easier, just tell a few jokes.

Just a few random jokes and look at him, “Man, you know what? I saw your bride. She is like hot.”

This guy’s like, “Yeah. I know.” In most cases, right? He’s kind of like, “Yeah, this is my lady.” So, yes. And this is real emotion. Yes, real.

But if you were to ask him, “Can you smile?”

“No, I cannot.”


“I do not know how to smile. I cannot smile.”

Anybody can smile. Even if it’s a super religious wedding, restricted, personal, all this, you can make jokes, but you just need to be careful. Makes sense. So my advice to you is not try to pose people unless they’re professional models or actors, and they can do whatever you ask them. But for civilians, you can ask them to do whatever they can do, and then adjust.

Thank you guys for listening. If you have any questions, please let me know, and see you the next time. Bye.