Top 3 editing softwares for wedding videography

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As always Paul is here and this time I want to discuss different options when to it comes to the editing software that can be used while editing wedding videos for your clients.

For all these years that me and my company Taraweddings are active on the market we used different editing softwares on both Mac and Windows for highlight videos, feature wedding films and same day edits so I decided to share my thoughts and hope they will be useful for you.

When it comes to wedding videography we usually don’t have as much footage and different takes as you would have shooting feature films or any other commercial genres. In wedding editing the most important features are speed and reliability when it comes to editing tons of weddings and especially same day edits so here is my top 3 editing softwares for wedding videography:

Final Cut X

This software is available only for Mac users and brings lots of features that can dramatically speed up the process of editing. Auto save feature, fastest and simplest user interface, lots of different plugins and transitions that can be installed and don’t need any additional software to use, simple usage of colour grading Luts, fastest rendering speed among all other similar applications. All this makes this software one of our favorites. You need to pay some bucks to buy it from Apple store.

Adobe Premiere

One of the most popular editing softwares on the marked, famous for it’s user friendly interface and in-app support of Adobe After Effects to add effects. Available for both Mac and PC. Rendering time is little bit slower than Final Cut but still good enough to consider for same day edits when editing turnaround is essential. You need to pay some bucks to buy it from Adobe.

DaVinci Resolve

This is the most advanced colour grading software on the market which was used for such films as Star Wars, Fast and Furious, and so on. Few versions ago Blackmagic – developer of this software added a complete editing section with lots of unique features and in the latest one – complete solution for sound editing and all this in one application for Mac and PC. There are lots of editors who hate DaVinci because of the most difficult interface to learn, it’s not so user friendly as Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro, but there are lots of features and one particular moment that makes this software amazing – it is officially completely free to download and use and if you have a passion and time to learn, it will bring everything that you’re looking for in regards of editing your wedding highlights and especially feature wedding films.

In next posts I’ll share some editing tips and tricks that will speed up your editing process and allow you to make your clients happier faster and save you tons of time still maintaining good quality of your final product.

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions or any suggestions for future posts.

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