Top 5 moments for wedding videography

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This is Paul and today I want to discuss a topic that seems to be obvious for everyone in theory but could be difficult to accomplish during the wedding day – top 5 moments that should be filmed during every wedding.

There are lots of different types of weddings with different ceremonies, religious attributes and client’s expectations, however here is my list of top 5 moments that every wedding videographer should focus on:

* Preparation. There are always two people getting married and both bride and groom want to be filmed during this decisive moment in their lives. Most important here is to cover not only the action of getting jacket or dress on but also people around. Parents, relatives, closest friends are usually overwhelmed with emotions and sometimes even more than the bride and groom since at this time of the day they’re trying to act like nothing happening, or they still didn’t realize the whole process that is going on. They will cry later:)

* Ceremony. Me and my team covered lots of different weddings with completely different people and background. Some are more open to everything that can happen, laugh, joking around and so on, and other, more religious, more conservative want everything to be precise and on time. No matter what kind of ceremony you’re covering – with fire, rice and oil (Eastern) or with Body of the Christ (Catholic), or with gospel singing (Africa), there’s always interaction and exchange between the bride and groom. In most cases they put rings on each other’s fingers and this is one of those moments that every wedding videographer should cover in a best possible way, in focus, preferably using several cameras not distracting the couple. Most important here is not to move much, turn off your phone and pay attention to everything that happens. Good thing is to speak with a priest before the ceremony to figure out what’s allowed and what’s not in this particular location.

* Group/bridal shoot. There are lots of locations and options for bridal and group photos and video. I usually recommend to spend some time at the ceremonial place to create some great footage there since this location is special for them and usually it looks different then any other park or other separate location that was selected for bridals. Start from the big group with both families, bridal party and just married couple and narrow it down to just bride and groom. At the location repeat same process and when groups are done they can go to the reception and not distract the couple while wedding photographer and wedding videographer doing their magic.

* Grand entrance. It’s the time when bride and groom gets really excited since they’re entering to the hall where all of their relatives and friends are waiting for them. It’s time to be extra alert and shoot everything that happens. Flower girl getting ready, parents of the bride and groom gazing at the door where they suppose to see their kids entering and so on. There’s more happening than just actual entering of the couple.

* First dance. Bride and groom were waiting for this moment for a very long time, all their wedding preparation, rings exchange, tears and whispers lead to this particular moment when they can hold each other dissolving into their favorite song that will become “their wedding song”. Important aspects here are the fully charged batteries, cover the whole dance in one take never cutting, and shooting different types of shots – wide, medium and closeups since your couple wants to see how they were looking with their friends around, full dress and also closer to see intimate emotions that they will never forget.

These were my top 5 moments for wedding videographers to focus on during any wedding. Hope you enjoyed this information.

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