Why your wedding photographer & videographer should be from one team?

Hi guys, this is Paul. Today I want to speak about wedding photographer and videographer, why you as a client should consider booking both, and why it’s better to book them from the same company.

Do you really need videography? From my perspective I say it’s definitely yes. Why should you consider videography for your wedding? Picture the dancing at the wedding, or picture yourself talking to your guests. Your father’s speech to you. His words that you will remember. Your morning preparations, your letters to each other. All these moments can’t be captured by photography in the same way as video. Why? Because video is movement, video is sound, video is life. When you watch the video it’s what actually happened. It’s not only your memories or how you feel about them. It’s not only what you can remember, but actually what happened, along with details you may have forgotten.

The other question for today is why you should book a photographer and videographer from the same company? I have had clients book me solo and they don’t want video. Or, they might want to book video separately. It’s their choice, but there is something that you should know.

When we work together in one team we know how to shoot so we don’t distract each other. We know how to help each other, assist each other. When I’m taking pictures, videographers can assist me with a light, with a prop, with anything. When we shoot video, I help them.

So basically photographers and videographers become assistance to each other and also keep an eye out for each other’s location. So during the ceremony you won’t see photographer in the video or videographers in the photos. We all know where to position ourselves to get the proper quality footage avoiding each other. But if you go with the different companies it can go wrong, okay.

Everything can go wrong because like any wedding photographer I’m thinking about my quality first, about my photography of the wedding, what my clients want, and what I will present, so I want wants the best footage possible.

At the same time video guys think about the same things. So what happens if the bride is walking down the aisle and suddenly the video guy stands in the middle of the shot. He gets his nice shot of the bride walking with her father but the photographer cannot capture the same moment.

Admit it, after they’ve submitted the footage, you don’t want to keep seeing your photographer and videographer in your photos and videos. To avoid any compromise of quality, it’s better to hire professionals from one team because they’ve worked together before. They know where to stand to make it easier on each other to capture quality.

So guys, please remember that it’s better to consider both photography and videography. And if you want to book wedding photographer and wedding videographer for your wedding day it’s better to go with one company.

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