Wedding Photography Tips For Brides

On this most special occasion, no one knows exactly what the bride is feeling except the bride herself. When everything happening around you is about you, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed. During a day like this, communication isn’t always the easiest for the bride, but with a few tips it is possible for her to get what she and her new husband want from the photographer without this becoming a distraction. Keep our tips in mind to help you remain calm and focused on your wedding and loved ones, but also get the best photos you can.


Speaking to your photographer in advance about the style you’d like to see in your wedding photos can be helpful, as once the big day arrives there is too much going on to discuss such details. By planning in advance, the photographer can have the chance to bring any special pieces of equipment or props they might need to create what you’re looking for. Showing sample images to your photographer, whether these are from their own portfolio or anywhere else can also be an effective tool to ensure they understand the style expected. This doesn’t necessarily mean recreating other photos, but these examples could give your photographer ideas specific to your own wedding.


Once you have spoken to your photographer and established a style you are looking for before the wedding, you can trust that the professional you’ve hired will be ready. Being too involved in the photography schedule on the wedding day can distract you from enjoying your personal time with loved ones. Your photographer is already keeping an eye on this, and while they will discuss any schedule changes with you if they come up, in general they will be independent and won’t need reminders, so you can enjoy your day. Our tip is to leave it to them.


It can be exciting attending the wedding of a friend or family member, and being among loved ones. There are many precious moments all of us, not only photographers, want to capture. At weddings, many guests can’t help but become photographers, with their cell phones or personal cameras, occasionally pulling out their device to capture the event alongside the hired professionals. While doing this is a natural response, and harmless during most situations, the key moments in a wedding can be spoiled by an excess of recording devices. Imagine wanting to frame a nice wide shot of the moment you and your loved one were exchanging vows, or sharing the first piece of cake, but the image is covered by a sea of bright and colourful recording devices. Not only the screens themselves are taking attention away from the couple, but also the distracting blinking red dots, indicating they are recording. Photographers with their own flashes also take everyone out of the moment unnecessarily. In your group portraits, your guests’ eyes will be looking all over the place, unsure of which camera to focus on. As the bride, your event will be a less overwhelming and more pure affair without the additional recording devices. Politely asking your guests to avoid their own coverage, before the wedding, can be one of the best choices you make, both for yourself and to help your photographer work.