Hello people. Today, I want to tell you about the turn around time for our videos. As you may understand, we will get hours of footage from your wedding day and it means that our editor will need some time to go through everything to find the best shots, to put them together, to put music, to put the voiceovers, to color grade your videos. It takes lots of time and since our editors don’t want to remember all weddings, they edit … I mean, they will remember you but they will not remember where the exact file is that you referring to. Make sense?

So for our editors it’s much more convenient to edit your videos, both of your videos, your wedding highlight and your wedding feature film together. In this case, it’s more efficient. And if you will have any kind of changes to these videos, our video editors will be able to communicate much faster and to deliver your polished videos faster and for our editors easier because they will remember what you are referring to and where exactly the footage that you are talking about is.

Our turnaround time is three months, which isĀ  fast. In most cases, wedding studios submit videos within six months, eight months, sometime it’s a year, and so on. But since we are working as a destination wedding photography studio, we work, in most cases, through the cloud service. So we upload everything and our editing team, our editors, can see what kind of new weddings are available to edit and they take this weddings right away. So in this case, we can have as many editors as the needed. It makes our turnaround times much faster than ever to the market.

Thank you for listening and hope to see you the next time. Thank you.