What else your wedding photographer?

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Paul and today I want to speak about the role of wedding photographer on the wedding.

It’s obvious that wedding photographer is hired to shoot the wedding in his own style, with the best approach, with a professional attitude, but what else your wedding photographer do on the wedding? As you can understand, most of the brides and grooms get married for the first time, so they never seen this as close as the wedding photographer because the wedding photographer, if it’s a professional wedding photographer, will have experience shooting of dozens of different weddings.

So he or she already have enough experience to see how the wedding is going and that what is going wrong or what is going right. Because a wedding photographer is usually even closer to the bride and groom than the planner on the wedding day, because we are interacting with the bride and groom for the whole day, pretty much looking for them, looking for the timing of the wedding because we have the schedule and usually we see that, okay we need half an hour for the photo shoots or we are running late so we need to go right now. So pretty much you’re going to do also wedding planners work on the wedding day, little bit.

During the day there at different parts of the wedding and during all these different parts, wedding photographer do different kinds of things. So during the preparation the photographer is the one who most likely will tell the bride that it’s time to go, because otherwise we will mess up the shooting time at the church or something like this.

But at the same time we are close to the bride to joke with her sometimes and to cheer her up if she’s stressed or if she’s getting late or something. The same with the groom.

During the ceremony, wedding photographer is the one who will capture the most important moment of the wedding. So he’s responsible to capture all the main moments and also reactions and also some candid shots of your guests, of your grandma talking with your mom or something on the wedding day. So all the different items are pretty much in the hands of wedding photographer, so he’s creating a heirloom for your memory from your biggest day.

During the reception, wedding photographer sometimes act as entertainer because we need to get good shots of bride and groom and guests. Some guests may be shy. So to open them up a little bit, it’s good to say some joke or make some kind of compliment and the when your person is reacting, you can get a good shot of this person.

Thank you guys for listening. If you have any kind of questions, please let me know and see you next time. Bye.