What wedding photographer should not do on a wedding

Hello guys, this is Paul from Tara Weddings and today I want to speak about the things that wedding photographer should not do on weddings. As you can understand, and as you know, the main reason why people ask you to be on a wedding is because of your photos. So this is your main goal for the day. You need your best to be able to capture something that these people will cherish forever. There are some things that you should not do on a wedding if you don’t want to ruin their perception of you. For example, go sick.

Some wedding photographers that I had an opportunity to work with, loved to discuss the couple a lot. To discuss how they look. Do they love each other? Some things about parents. The reason why they like to do this because this is new environment and there will be lots of different people and your goal is to pay close attention to them. So you start noticing different things. But please, don’t gossip with another team that may be working on the wedding. [Inaudible 00:01:22] with guests or with a couple. Because doing this, you will lose their respect for you. Because it’s not your job to discuss all this. Nobody’s asking you. You’re not their friend or relative.

Another thing here that you should never do on a wedding is to help with a dress or a suit for the group. If there is something wrong with them. For example, the bride can get a stain on the dress. Everybody starts screaming around yelling at each other and you have a great idea how to help, how to make it invisible again. So you ask the bride if she wants you to help her, and you mess up. You mess up. You make it worse. So now you’re responsible for this. And no matter what kind of photos you will get, the bride will remember that you messed up her dress.

So main idea is to do your job as a photographer. Capture all these moments. Capture the stain on the dress, close up. And the bride will ask you, “Why are you doing this? This is a stain”. Just tell her that is a part of her wedding and this is just a stain that she will remember, because you have it on photos. In this case you become much closer to the bride. You will leave top in her eyes. She will trust you more because you can count her down, staying professional, and making slight jokes that just releases the tension around, just a little bit. And other advice that I can give you here is never to argue with the bride and groom.

If you want to get certain photos and if you want to go with a certain location and your couple doesn’t want. Because they get tired, because they change their plans, whatever. Don’t argue with them. You can give them advice, like your opinion that this location would work better. So if it’s possible, let’s go there, but if not, we’re going to do a good job on location of your choice. In this case they will know your opinion but they will have freewill to choose. Staying calm, not arguing with you. This can be applied to many different kinds of interactions through the day with your couple. Just let them know your opinion, but just don’t force them to do things. In this case, they will love the experience much more. Even if you know that you need two more hours to get the photos done and they don’t want. You do your job in five minutes and let them go. But just do your job.

Another main advice that I can give you not doing at a wedding is don’t miss events. If you’re missing events on the wedding day, you’re getting yourself in a big trouble. Because this wedding is something that they will remember forever and this is why they’re hiring you to get the job done. And they expect all main events to be covered.

No matter if you want to go to the washroom, if you want to eat, if you need to speak over the phone with somebody, nobody cares. Nobody. Because you get paid to get the job done. So you’re busy the whole day and if you want to go to the washroom, speak with the planner. If it’s a reception, speak with a planner and let her know if you will be absent. So she’s not starting the speech of the bride and the groom while you are in the washroom. Make sense? Just speak with people. Arrange everything you need, not letting the bride and groom know. Let them relax, help them, [inaudible 00:06:36] them, at least the dancer. So guys, this is all for today. I hope you found some interesting information for you. If you have any questions, please let me know. Bye.