Who chooses the music for the highlight video

Hello, people. This is Paul. Today, I want to speak about one important question that makes the whole difference for your highlight video. It’s the music. We edit videos on the music, or with the music, or without the music. Music can be loud. Music can be almost silent. Music and sound in your video evokes emotions, evokes fillings. Without the sound, video is just a series of different pictures like a slideshow, but with the sound, your video will evoke lots of feelings in you.

So there are two options how to choose music for your highlight. The first option is you just send a few songs to us, and we select whatever works best. This is a nice option because you have control over the music for your video. Another question is that music that you will send may not fit to your footage and you will have a boring or not as emotional video as it may be. So I would recommend the second option. It’s when we select music for you.

In this case, we have an opportunity to create cinematic experience for you using sound that will sound good for your video. In this case, it will be more like a feature film, like a film, like a short film, not as a music video. As clients, you can choose any option you like, but my recommendation to you is let us choose the music for your wedding video. Thank you for listening and till the next time.