Why being a wedding photographer in Toronto is a great experience

Hello people, this is Paul and today I want to speak about the reason why being a photographer, a wedding photographer, in Toronto is a great experience, and this is pretty much one of the best places to be a wedding photographer. As you know, Canada is a country of immigrants, and Toronto is the main city where all these different immigrants, different cultures come together.

I was born in Ukraine and Ukraine is a Ukrainian country where most of the people are Ukrainians. So the weddings are pretty much similar to each other in terms of their culture, in terms of the ceremonies and approach.

But, in Toronto it’s completely different, because in Toronto, we have Canadians, we have Africans, we have Asians, we have French people, we have Serbian people, we have Indian people, we have Persian people, we have Sikh weddings, Hindu weddings, we have Greek weddings. Pretty much anything you can imagine.

All these different cultures, all these different people, they have their own approaches. As a wedding photographer, I’m getting lots of experience working with it, people from all over the world and it’s a big joy to see how all these different cultures, all these different religions celebrate one of the brightest events that can happen.

So for me, it is a great experience to be a wedding photographer in Toronto. But, also it is a big responsibility, because all these different cultures and religions, they have their own ceremonies, they have their own approach to the wedding.

They have their own vision of how wedding photographers should interact with them, because something that may work for Jamaican people probably will not work with the Persian people, or something that worked for crazy Greek people on their wedding probably will not work on a religious wedding.

It relates, for example, to the kisses. For some cultures kissing in front of the people, it’s not a big deal at all. If you are Italians, oh mama, you’re going to kiss as hard as you can, not caring who’s in front of you.

But, if you’re a religious Persian, probably you will not kiss on the wedding, because that’s something that’s supposed to be under the cover after the wedding.

Knowing all these differences, knowing all these cultures allows me and allows our team to do the best job possible on any kind of wedding, because we already done hundreds of different weddings, not only in Toronto, but also this experience leads us to destination weddings where we can have the same approach, cover weddings of a similar culture, knowing what exactly what they are expecting from us.

So from my experience, being a wedding photographer in Toronto is a great joy and I’m thankful to be an owner of a company that is dealing with the different people from around the world on their best days, that they will cherish forever.

Thank you very much, guys who are listening, and if you have any kind of questions regarding the weddings, wedding photography, or wedding videography or any other questions, please let me know and see you the next time. Thank you very much and bye.