Why every wedding photographer should bring a second camera on a wedding

Hello ladies and gentlemen, today I want to speak about the reason why every wedding photographer should bring a second camera on a wedding and what these camera that wedding photographers use should have in them in order to shoot any kind of wedding.

So the first of all, wedding, it’s a one time event. It’s a life event. It’s not something that anybody would repeat unless you get divorced and then get married again. But that’s another story. So wedding is happening through the day and you don’t want to lose the footage of the most important day for most of the people that are coming to this event.

So in order to be able to assure yourself and your clients that you’re not losing the footage after the wedding, you need to have some kind of backup, right away, instant backup. So in order to get this instant backup of the wedding footage, the best option is to use a professional camera that will have two memory card slots in them.

Memory cards that we use rail rarely, but they can because it’s digital. Anything can fail in this life. So in order to make sure that we have the footage when the wedding ends, it’s good to have a second memory card.

So every time when you press a button to record a photo, or video, you have to exactly same files on two separate cards in your camera. In this case, if something will happen with one card, the second card should be okay because these fails happen one in a million, but they can. So it’s always good to have a backup.

Another thing, if your camera, the whole camera fails, it stops shooting for some reason or the battery dies and it doesn’t charge for some reason or your shutter’s stuck and it just doesn’t work anymore and you have no idea why or your lens stuck and you cannot change the lens because some piece of metal just bent.

So in this case it’s always necessary to bring a second camera on any wedding you come. Fully charged with some kind of lens that will fit to the whole day of the event. Usually it’s a 50 millimeter lens, because you can’t survive with just one lens shooting in the whole day of the wedding.

So in case your first camera, your main camera fails, you still have another camera. And this second camera would be good if it’s the same one, so you’re not start shooting with another kind of quality, with another kind of photos, another kind of picture.

In my case, I use Sony a9 as my main camera and Sony a73 as my backup camera. All these cameras are always fully charged. They have two cards in each camera.

And also I have extra lenses just in case because the worst case that may happen on the wedding day from the sight of the photographer, or videographer, it’s to not to be able to shoot the wedding, or to lose the footage from the wedding.

You can submit the ugliest photos ever, or your video can be all shaky. You can figure it out after in editing in some kind of additional photo shoot for your couple, or something different. But if you lose the whole day of the wedding, they’re going to kill you and nobody wants to get killed.

So guys, it’s better to bring two cards for each camera, make sure that your camera has two card slots and bring two of these kinds of cameras. In this case, you’re fine. The only thing is left, you just to keep shooting and do your best.

Thank you very much guys for listening and see you the next time. Bye.