Why it is better to book photographers and videographers from one team for your wedding

Hello guys. This is Paul. Today I want to speak about one very important question, why it is better to book photographers and videographers from one team for your wedding.

Have you ever seen a wedding? Have you ever been on a wedding? You understand that on the wedding there are lots of people. It’s wary crowdy and your photography and videography team supposed to capture all the small details that you will cherish years after the wedding.

It is very important for your team not to distract each other during the wedding day. If they will distract each other it may lead to some terrible moments during the wedding.

When you’re walking down the aisle and in front of you photographer and videographer fight with each other for the angle. In this case, you will lose the footage of this exact moment.

So, it is much better for everybody for us to to work as one team on the wedding day. When we work as one team we can see where to stand and how to stand, not to be in each other footage.

Because we already worked on so many weddings together, that right away we see the whole picture and we understand how to seamlessly work with each other to get the best footage during your wedding day.

For example, during the first dance, videographer is shooting you dancing with your husband. It’s a video, so you’re watching over everything, the whole dance.

Suddenly, in front of the camera, your photographer jumps in and start taking photos of you because this angle, it’s the best angle, for example.

They both like this angle. So, your photographer just hides you taking the photo, but you want the video, right?

So, it is much better when your team have lots of experience working with each other, understanding where to stand and how to stand or sit to get the best footage not being in in another videographer’s camera.

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