Why it’s better not to have a wedding DJ than to have a bad one

Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is Paul from Tara Weddings. And today I want to speak about wedding DJs and why it’s better not to have any DJ at all than to have a bad wedding DJ.

As you know, wedding DJs are required during the reception, and the reception is the time when all your guests will come to the wedding to celebrate, party with you. Lots of different events will happen during this one evening. You will have your entrance. You will have your first dance. You will have your speeches. You will have some performances from your guests. You will have some games and anything else. And all these small events require a proper sound, require music, sound effects.

So when you’re hiring a wedding DJ, you’re pretty much looking for a person hold responsible to deliver fun and joy to the wedding. Because I’ve seen lots of weddings when DJ is not playing or selecting music for the crowd, but doing it for himself. And in this case, as a result, only DJ dancing, and all the guests are just waiting for the next song.

Also responsibility of the wedding DJ is to tell your photographer and videographer about the events that he will announce. Because if DJ, announces a speech of your parents and there is no wedding photographer around, because he’s in the washroom for example, wedding DJ pretty much messes up the coverage of the speech and also show some disrespect to the wedding photographer. So that’s why it’s important to get a wedding DJ that knows what he is actually responsible for.

Also, I’ve seen wedding DJs that have no idea about the names of the couple. And having a few times when couple enters and the wedding DJ say the wrong names. So the whole crowd is just staring at the DJ and DJ just like “Ha, ha, it was a joke. The real names are…” But it’s a stupid joke. Nobody get the joke and he ruins the entrance.

That’s why it’s very important to get a DJ who knows the couple, at least their names, who can feel the crowd and able to select the music properly to play with the mood of the crowd, so during the whole reception your guests will be excited to dance.

Tara Weddings also do wedding lights. And when we send our DJ on any wedding, usually we work with the [Taro 00:02:50] Wedding’s photography and videography team. So in this case, we have a good communication between the coverage team and the sound. And also if you’re getting lights from [Taro 00:03:12] Weddings, we’re responsible that all this will be in sync to get the better footage, to get the best coverage, and to adjust the light as needed for the camera and for your eyes. So you will get the best possible coverage.

Thank you guys for listening. If you have any questions, please let me know. Bye.