Why TaraWeddings love to shoot traditional weddings

Hello guys, this is Paul from Tara Weddings and today I want to tell you why our studio is focusing on different cultures and different traditional weddings.

I was born in the Ukraine. This is a beautiful country. I was living for a long time of my life in France and Cuba and different other places that I visited that influenced my perception of different cultures and different traditions. Also, history is one of my favorite topics.

And for me it’s always more interesting, the actual cultural aspects of every area of the planet, than any kind of politics or stuff like this.

So for me, every culture represents their own way of thinking, own way of doing things. And the same applies to weddings. Different cultures, they have different traditions, different ways of doing weddings. And all these different traditions, all these different customs of these weddings, they represent certain periods of history of these countries, different perception of these people in the life, and different perception of the marriage.

So that’s why it’s very interesting to shoot weddings for different cultures, seeing different people, and it’s really cool how all these different customs, meanings, they’re pretty much aiming to one direction, two people loving each other.

It can be united by God, united by government, united by spirits, by predecessors, by whatever, it all depends on the culture.

But what is not changing is that these people love each other and they are uniting. And that’s why it’s very cool to, when we’re shooting these different wedding, to see how the different cultures approach to the same question.

And this variety gives us an opportunity not to get tired, not to get used to certain types of foods, certain types of emotions. It’s always changing from wedding to wedding, different cultures, different traditions, different way they’re doing ceremonies and so on. It’s very cool.

And since we are located in Toronto , and Toronto is really a multicultural city, which has people from all over the world living together and at the same time having their own churches, temples in one town, which is really cool.

Thank you guys for listening and see you next time. Bye.