Why we provide all raw wedding photo and video footage

Hello guys, this is Paul from TaraWeddings and now I want to speak about another interesting question, why we provide all raw wedding photo and video footage for our clients and other studios don’t. So as you know, wedding is a life event. So it’s like a reality show, everything is happening in real life and we are trying to capture the best moments. And as you can imagine, these moments are not always amazing looking, not all these moments are meant to be shot. So, we provide all footage to our clients so they can choose, they can see and they can choose what exactly they want to be included in that feature film. Sometimes, especially when it’s a big wedding and we’re editing a feature from it, we may skip certain shots or certain people that are actually important to you.

It’s important for you to know and to see that this shot of this person is actually included. So we know it existed before you ask to include it. So you can get access to everything that we got from the wedding and be able to see what’s available. Because if we’re not providing you all footage from the way, you’re actually guessing if we got something or not, but when we show you everything that we got in this case, it’s much easier and faster to get to the end of the submission and the more happy clients. Also, if it’s a big wedding especially Eastern wedding, if it’s Indian wedding or if it’s Persian wedding, etc., there are lots of relatives, lots of friends, lots of people that actually know each other and cherish each other.

It’s not just on the modern Western weddings, when it’s just close friends and people that you have no idea know who they, they’re just friends of friends or friends and all free drinks and all this stuff. If it’s Eastern wedding, all those people actually know each other. They’re uncles, everybody’s uncle to somebody else, I don’t know how come but there’re just uncles everywhere. Siblings, uncles, that’s it.

So in order to submit better footage to them, we provide all footage to show them what we have. We show them what of pictures they have and they choose what they want for the album and since they just get everything, it’s mentally more excellent way that client’s just like, Whoa, I got everything from them. These guys are so amazing. This is so cool. They start to refer us to other people, so we get more weddings. Some studios sell this footage. In our case, we provide it for free. As for now, as far as February 2020, it may change if we decide to go another way, but for now, we provide all the footage to our clients for free so they can have just more from their wedding. Thank you guy for listening. Please let me know if you have any kind of questions. Thank you very much, bye.