Why we use the same cameras for wedding photography and wedding videography

Hello, guys, this is Paul from Tara Weddings and today I want to tell you why we decided to use the same cameras for photography and for video.

As you may know, there are lots of different cameras, different brands, different camera systems on the market that we can use for wedding videography. But the thing is, not all these cameras provide similar quality in photo and video. And not all of these cameras can take photos. Make sense?

So, for our company, we decided to use Sony Mirrorless System because it allows us to do our photos and shoot our videos with the same colors, which gives us opportunity to create the same consistent product every time. Because in different locations through the day we capture pretty much the same quality of the footage for photos and for video because we’re using the same cameras.

And as a result, when we submit the photos to our clients, they will see consistency in their photos and in the videos, which made them really happy. And the reason why, because nobody wants to have great photos with certain colors that you like and have videos that look completely different. Or when you have video that you like and photos that you don’t in terms of the color, in terms of the hues, tones, overall picture quality, picture liking.