Why you need engagement shoot

Hello guys. This is Paul from TaraWeddings and today I want to talk about engagement photo shoots and why brides and grooms need them.

As you may know, weddings are one of the most important days of their families. It’s the beginning of the family. That’s why lots of people around the world hire wedding photographers to shoot their wedding. And photographer can do his job very well if it’s a professional wedding photographer, he will be able to do his job more well under any kind of conditions. But if your wedding photographer is able to do a practice for a shoot with you before the wedding, he will be able to see your best angles to understand how you work in front of the camera, if you’re shy or not, what’s the best side to shoot, and so on. And if the clients will be able to see how their wedding photographer is working and how the process of the shooting looks like, they will be less stressed on the wedding day. They will have more trust in their wedding photographer during their wedding day because they’ve already seen the results. And it makes the whole process of shooting any kind of wedding much easier and much more relaxing for the bride and groom.

You can do your engagement for a shoot in any kind of style, any time before the wedding. What do you need to understand that engagement photo shoots, they are not just a bunch of great photos, but also an opportunity to get connected with your wedding photographer.

Another great option for engagements are the makeup trials. Lots of brides before their actual wedding day, do makeup trials with their makeup artist, and something that will look great in real life may be too much for the camera, may be too little, or you will want to change something. So in this case, it’s great to do a makeup trial for your engagement photo shoot. So it is the same makeup artist doing your makeup twice for one camera. In this case, your chances to get what you actually want to get are much higher.

Also, brides and grooms use engagement photos for invitations, for the websites, [inaudible 00:04:14] and so on, centerpieces, so it’s not just a fun add-on. There is a value behind this kind of photo shoots.

Thank you guys for listening and see you the next time.