Why you need to do engagement photo shoot before your wedding

Hello guys. This is Paul from Tara weddings and today I want to speak about one very interesting question. Why would you need engagement photo shoot? For most of the people wedding, it’s a really complicated process because we’re getting married for the first time. And being in front of the camera of a professional wedding photographer for the whole day, can be a little bit overwhelming. So to make this process a little bit easier for everybody, we should engage with photo shoots. These engagements photo shoots, first of all is a practice for you before your wedding day to be in front of the camera of the photographer. So in this case you will see the results, you will see examples, you will see that you actually look completely fine in front of the camera. So you will be like, ah… Whatever… You know… They know what they’re doing, we can just do our stuff. So you will be less stressed on your wedding day, being in front of the camera, photographed by the person that you already trust because you’ve seen him at work. So this is the first reason.

Another option, another reason why people do engage in photo shoots is to use these pictures for any kind of design for your wedding. So it can be a wedding centerpiece on your tables with your photos, small… You can print them out, you can give them to your friends and so on. Also, you can use the photo from the engagement photo shoot at your reception as a centerpiece, as the main poster of your wedding, which is nice. Also, you can use this engagement photos for your wedding websites. Now what’s a very popular idea to do the wedding website where you can send invitations to all the people, where you can post what you want to get for your wedding as a present and so on. So, and it’s nice to have some kind of photos and usually it’s better when they are professionally done for this website. So it all looks clear and very good.

Also, engagement photo-shoot gives you an opportunity to print a guest book and include this engagement photos in the book. And in this case it gets more personalized. It’s not just a generic book, now it becomes your custom book. So, in 10 years, in some time after the wedding, it will be more cherishable because you will see yourselves young, beautiful and you will see all this ratings down that people wrote for you. And it will be more meaningful than just a normal book that you can buy at any kind of store.

So guys, my recommendation is to do the engagement photo shoot. That makes sense. Thank you guys for listening and watching and let me know if you have any kind of questions. Thank you very much. Have a good day. Bye.