Why you need to have engagement wedding photos

Hello guys, this is Paul from Tara Weddings, and today I want to speak about one very interesting question that lots of brides and grooms ask me. Why do they need engagement photo shoot before they have a wedding?

So what’s so special about this engagement photo shoot? First of all, engagement photo shoot, it’s the best option for you if you want to be confident in your photographer on the wedding day, because for most of the people to be in front of the camera, it’s a really complicated thing. We’re all stressing out unless we are models. So it’s nice to have some kind of practice before the wedding. An engagement photo shoot, it’s the actual practice with your wedding photographer. In this case, when you’re taking these kind of photos, you will be able to see the results to see how exactly your wedding photographer working with you and what kind of photos you can expect from him or her.

And in this case, on the wedding day you will be less stressed. You will have more trust in your photographer, and for your photographer it will be much easier to work with you, because he or she will be able to know your best sides, your best things that you can do in front of the camera. He will have more understanding of how to control you in front of his camera.

So also another option here, it’s to have a makeup trial with your makeup artist for this engagement phot shoot. In this case when you’re doing these kinds of trials and we are taking photos of you in this makeup, you will be able to see how it looks like on the camera, because sometimes when we take photos, makeup look different from what you can expect. You may have too much lipstick, you may have two big eyebrows, I don’t know, whatever. So in this case, you will be able to show to your makeup artist exactly what you want to change, how you want to make it better. And in this case, your makeup artist will be able to provide an even better quality of service.

Another option is to use these photos for prints. You can do wedding canvas prints and put them in front of your reception, or you can do prints and put them in front of the tables for your guests so they can be used as centerpieces. Another option is to use these photos for the invitations, because it’s nice to send something professionally made with a nice quality and two of you happy together. In this case, these kind of invitations, they are more custom and people are more willing to participate in your wedding day.

And the best thing that we can do with your engagement photos is we print engagement guest books. So as you can know, you can buy a guest book in any kind of store that sell them, but these guest books, they are not custom made for you. And when you have just a generic book without any kind of customization for you and signatures from your wedding date, it feels a little bit empty, not as alive as some custom book that we can create for you. And for these guest books that we do, we put photos from your engagement photo shoots and leave some blank pages so your guests can sign, and just imagine, after 10 years you will be looking at this album with your photos that were made before the wedding day, before everything started, before your family was born.

And you will be just able to see yourself young and beautiful, and read all these comments, all these wishes, all these cheers from your guests. This creates more feelings. This creates more connecting to the book, to the actual souvenir from your wedding day. And our clients, they love these kind of books much more than any kind of other books that cannot show you on the photos.

So guys, if you’re thinking to do the engagement photo shoot or not to do the engagement photo shoot, I would strongly recommend to actually do this kind of photos with your photographer before the wedding. This case, you will be less stress. You will have more trust, and you’ll be able to relax on your wedding day, letting go the photo and video sites from your head. This is actually what you want to hear, right? Just a happy, easygoing wedding. Nobody wants to be annoyed by the photographers, have no idea what they’re actually doing. So guys, if you find this information interesting, please subscribe and please leave me any comments, any questions, and I will answer them as soon as possible. Thank you very much for listening, and bye.