Will you hear any photo camera clicks on your video

Hello guys. This is Paul.

Today I want to speak about another interesting question that is very important for you as a couple that is going to be married. Have you ever seen a DSLR camera? These big ones, professional cameras, that when you press a button, it clicks.

It clicks, clicks, clicks, all the time clicking. Can you imagine yourself standing in front of each other during the ceremony? Shaking a little bit. Crying maybe.

Trying to say these words. And somebody’s just standing in front of you and constantly clicking, just in front of your face. It will be a little bit distracting.

It will be annoying for some people. Some people start to cry even harder because of these clicks.

I’ve seen it before. So actually that’s why I was thinking how to solve this kind of problem, and I found the resolution. It’s mirrorless cameras from Sony.

These cameras have amazing picture quality. I would say even better than some DSLRs. These cameras are professional. They have two card slots.

So when we record a video or photo, it goes to two cards at the same time, which is very cool because we have a backup right away. And what’s important here is that these cameras, they are completely silent. There is no mirror.

There is no flipping mechanism in this camera. So when we press a button there is no sound at all. So during the ceremony you will not hear any clicks.

In your videos you will not hear any clicks, no annoying sound, just the wedding. Just two of you looking at each other and saying these words.

Click, Click. Thank you guys, and see you the next time.