Hello people, this is Paul, and today I want to discuss one or more interesting question. Will your photography and videography look the same? For weddings we use same cameras every time, and we use the same cameras for photography and videography. This feature gives us a great opportunity to provide a consistent look for all our weddings, and which is very important, consistent look for your photography and videography.

In most cases when we do this, people just like, just laugh. The files were submitted and they don’t really pay attention to the same quality of photography and videography. But if your wedding would be shot on completely different cameras in terms of quality, in terms of colors, and in terms of color grading, you would see the difference. You may like the photos, but the videos will be completely off topic. Your videos may be completely unflattering for you. Your videos won’t look as good as your photography, no matter what you do because different systems, video systems, have different look.

And what’s more fun, it’s that lots of wedding videography studios use cameras that you may see during some kind of political event. You know those big cameras, big video cameras, CP 24? You know, guy standing on the shoulder with a camera, with a big camera, and so on. These cameras can’t, they can not, they just can not give you the same video quality as a cinema cameras. Makes sense? That’s why they exist because they give you this flattering, soft, film look that you love.

So guys, from my opinion and from my practice, from my experience, I would say that this is very important for your photography and videography to look the same. So if you’re considering booking a wedding company, it’s better to go with a company that provide both of these services. And this is actually why we provide photography and videography in one team, because it’s much, much, much more convenient for you and for us because during the wedding day, we don’t distract each other. We already know how to shoot as a team, not running in front of each other’s cameras, blocking the view during some important moments, like walking down the aisle. Can you imagine you’re walking down the aisle and your videographer is shooting?