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Behind our belt we’ve got over 350 weddings, around 250 engagements and almost 600 various events (and counting). View our galleries to get a taste of what we create, and see for yourself how wide of a range of styles and cultures our client’s events come in. We collaborate with wedding photographers and videographers who are ambitious and full of bright and innovative ideas.

Since we live in Toronto, we are also privileged to work with a very multicultural team, which allows us to multiply each other’s knowledge and enrich our artistic perceptions. In the core of our philosophy lies one simple truth- love is a universal language. No matter what traditions you follow, rest assured that we will come to understanding regarding what needs to be captured, and we will do it in a timeless classy manner.

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Our features - Why we are your best choice

Choosing a wedding coverage crew is not only about liking the visuals, but also deciding on professionals who would create your first
family heirloom.

We love hearing back from our clients! What’s not to love? You can read their praising reviews here.

We have captured more than 300 weddings and would like to share our favourites with you through our portfolio.

Our balanced packages are customer-oriented, so everyone will find what they need for an excellent wedding. All prices and specials are located here.

We pride ourself in our quick post-production process. You will receive your finished wedding photos within one month.

We are already booking for 2020 and even 2021. Hurry to book the date of your wedding here.

Our post-production team tailors the editing to the client, polishing the colours in a way that complements your unique style.

Our photographers and Videographers are trained to work as one, moving simultaneously to get the best coverage possible without getting in each other’s way.

No distracting sounds from the camera in those quiet moments, only the sound of the beating of two hearts in love.

At A Glance.
from our past clients
We started small, and now look at us, making all these people happy with our services!
Our wedding photographers and videographers are nearly invisible on the day of the event, but we sure do get all the attention after, once we submit our work. We are proud to display nearly perfect scores across all of our reviewing platforms including Google and WeddingWire. See for yourself!
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Packages a variety for every need

Explore our packages, à la carte services, prices and specials.


Why is it better to book wedding photographers and videographers from one team?

For the wedding, it means that we’ll not distract each other or jump in front of each other’s cameras, as it can happen when you work with somebody for the first time. We shoot more than 150 real weddings a year, and we have a constant team, so we have lots of experience working with each other.

How many photos can I expect?

We submit around 70-100 HQ edited photos per one hour of the wedding. If it’s a 10 hours coverage, you will get around 1000 photos, but it also depends on how busy your wedding day is. If you will have lots of ceremonies, performances, dances you can expect this amount to be doubled.

Who chooses the music for the highlight video?

There are two options – you can choose the music by yourself, and the editor will use it, or the editor can select music himself, and send it to you for approval. In this case, your video will look more cinematic since editor knows best what soundtrack would enhance your footage.

Visit our blog for more answers. Don’t see a question that interests you? Contact us here, and we will gladly answer it.

What are turnaround times for videos?

The deadline we state in the agreement is 3 months from the moment the soundtrack was approved by the client. It depends on the season, but usually, we submit videos in around 1.5 months.

Will I hear any photo camera clicks on my video?

We use mirrorless cameras that don’t have the clicking mechanism, so all of our photo cameras are entirely silent, and you won’t hear any distracting noises during the ceremony or at any other time, including your video.

Will your wedding photography and videography look the same?

We use exactly the same colour grading process for wedding photography and videography which allows us to match the look of your final photos and videos.

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Wedding Photography & Videography Packages

Explore our packages, à la carte services, prices and specials.


It is highly important for us that our future clients understand what they would invest in when hiring us. Therefore we present you with examples of full weddings we covered. Depending on the package, these examples include photos from the entire event, short edited videos as well as hard cover photo albums and printed canvases.

Let's get in touch - communication is key

Choosing your wedding photography and videography crew shouldn’t be taken lightly. We understand how important this step is to you and we are here to answer any questions you might have.

We are here to answer any questions you might have.