Who is your wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer is more than just a person who is there with a camera.

The wedding is a huge team effort and everyone involved has their hands full in some way. A good wedding photographer brings their own presence and experience to contribute in a much larger way than just taking photos. The right wedding photographer for you, and a good one, has to be someone that can step up and fit into different roles as the day of the wedding unfolds, to ensure the creation of the best possible memories and family heirlooms in the form of their delivered work.

Your wedding photographer is present for the very first moments as you get ready for the biggest day of your life.

So many thoughts and questions are flooding your mind and it’s sometimes overwhelming. Some of these questions are bigger and more important than others on this day. An experienced professional photographer will become a fashion designer to make you look your best, adjusting your wardrobe, or giving tips on details that could enhance or simplify a photo. They could use their creative eye to notice details that make your family unique.

They will communicate with your guests and learn your story to be able to best do their job. Within this crucial hour or so, as you are waiting and anticipating, the photographer will team up with your makeup artist to tame some frizzy hair for a perfect shot, and join forces with the designer of the dress to make subtle adjustments so that it fits you perfectly. With the surface taken care of, you can get to the heart of your day with your mind clear as a blue sky.

A wedding photographer is also an honorary assistant to your wedding planner.

You have been dreaming of the doors opening, the lights pointing to the entrance, and your night unfolding since you first picked the day and booked the venue. However once the big day arrives, it’s not easy for everything to go according to schedule. As the one responsible for capturing all these key events and moments, the photographer also has one eye on the schedule all day.

By taking initiative in this regard, they are not only always ready to capture everything but involved in making sure the timing works out ideally for all. No one wants anticlimactic confusion before potentially epic life moments. With one eye in the viewfinder and one on the clock, the photographer can team up with the wedding planner as conductors of your wedding band.

A wedding photographer is a late-night DJ.

How can this be? As the night goes on, the ceremonial occasions pass and the guests loosen up and find the energy to celebrate together with the new couple, it’s a perfect time to get the excitement to peak levels. This is some of the most fun footage you will have captured at your special day, showing a kind of raw emotion to complement the elegance and formality of the ceremonies. A great wedding photographer will help transform your guests from audience members to cast members in your favorite dance video of all time.

They team up with your DJ and join the dance, they know the best moments are captured from inside the party. It would have been easy to just point and shoot, making everyone shy, but that doesn’t make for amazing memories captured in photos that become family heirlooms. It’s your photographer’s role step up and do whatever they can in this day, with and without the camera, to deliver this heirloom.

Why should you choose Paul as your wedding photographer?

Industry leading turnaround

Most wedding photographers submit final edited pictures in over a month, sometimes over two, because most photographers choose to edit their own photos. I take around 2-3 weeks, depending on how busy the season is. I hire professional photo editors and train them to achieve our company's signature look on each photo.

Outstanding reputation

We have an almost perfect review score on Wedding Wire and Google. I believe that communication is the best tool to prevent any issues and make the day go as smoothly as possible, but if there is a problem due to some unforeseen circumstances, we always try to do our best to solve it with minimal losses.

Diverse team

Our team consists of both men and women, and almost each team member is of a different nationality. This means, that, first of all, if you are looking for a photographer of a particular gender we will be able to accommodate you, and, second of all, our team is very open-minded to other cultures and their traditions, which is highly important in a city like Toronto.

Complete silence

We offer a silence coverage, which means no ennerving shutter sound during your reception or at any other time. You will not get distracted while we will have a better chance at taking a good candid shot.

Full size photos

You receive your pictures in the size they were taken, which means that your printing options are almost endless- our cameras deliver a high enough quality for a billboard-sized print. Photographic wallpaper, anyone?

No print restrictions

Some studios will write in their agreements that you are not allowed to print your photographs anywhere else. We respect your freedom of choice, and do not give any restrictions when it comes to printing.

Wedding Photography Reviews

Catcher in the Rye
Toronto Wedding Photographer TaraWeddings
Bride & Groom Toronto 5

We hired a photographer from Tara Weddings for our wedding. Our friends' wedding was covered by them as well, and they recommended Paul to us. Paul wasn't available for our date but he promised that the wedding photographer who's going to be assigned will provide just as high of a quality work as him. About the work of Oleh (the photographer) at the wedding, I can say this: he always understood when it was necessary to take another picture, he arranged a great photo session after the ceremony and he knew exactly how to approach our guests. As a result, when my wife and I received photos, we were pleasantly surprised. We compared them to our cousin's pictures, and saw absolutely no difference. Paul, the owner, must have trained his team exceptionally well. The photographer did an awesome job- all photos were bright, clear and in focus.

Catcher in the Rye
Toronto Wedding Photographer TaraWeddings
Bride & Groom Mississauga 5

We were in search of a wedding photographer for some time, both online and offline, and eventually found TaraWeddings on Google and contacted them right away asking for a quote. We did not whatsoever expect an answer in 2 minutes time. In the email Paul let us know that our date was still available, and asked some questions as to our requirements and expectations of his services. Then, after a few emails were sent back and forth, Paul called us in person. We chatted and asked some questions regarding packages that interested us. Paul's manner of speaking was terrific – he told us everything we wanted to know in detail yet put very simply. He also said to us some things that no other photographer told us about, and it showed that he surely knew his business. We booked TaraWeddings and had only the best experience with them. No team member was ever in our faces or made us feel uncomfortable. Final pics and videos were very professional.

Catcher in the Rye
Toronto Wedding Photographer TaraWeddings
Bride & Groom Toronto 5

We approached the organization of our wedding with the most responsibility. One of the most important issues to me was wedding photography and videography. I understood that that's all that there's gonna be left to us after the wedding, and that's why I couldn't entrust just anyone with it, nor assign a small budget to these services. On the other hand, I was worried, seeing so many photographers who charged high prices yet didn't deliver up to par with quality. When I found Tara Weddings, I was shocked to see such a fantastic work quality at such relatively humble prices. This made me hesitate a bit, because I really wanted the best of the best, and couldn't believe it could be this inexpensive. But eventually, I met with Paul and got all the reassurance that I needed. The final pictures were stunning, and the video makes me tear up to this day. Thank you, Tara Weddings!

Catcher in the Rye
Toronto Wedding Photographer TaraWeddings
Bride Richmond Hill 5

As a girl I always dreamed of my wedding, and even more of my wedding photos. I imagined in lots of details what kind of poses and facial expressions I would do, what backgrounds I would pose against and how my dress would look like. As soon as Alex and I decided to get married, I started a Pinterest board with all these beautiful wedding pictures that I wanted to replicate. When I started looking for a wedding photographer from Toronto I was in for a bit of a disappointment- many portfolios weren't that great, and the ones that were ridiculously expensive for us. I was almost about to give up, but then saw my cousin's wedding photographs and once she told me the price she was charged I knew I had something. I contacted Tara Weddings the same day, and spoke to Paul on the phone. We then met and I showed him some of my reference ideas for pictures to see if he was flexible enough to try and shoot something similar, even if it was a bit of a different style. He seemed very excited about some of them and even said he wished he had more clients that were this open-minded. Lastly, the final pictures turned out even better than the references, so well-suited to our characters! I most certainly recommend Paul from Tara Weddings!!!

FAQ | Wedding Photography

How experienced is your team?

TaraWeddings’ team consists of professionals only. Each of our photographers has over 5 years of experience in the field of wedding photography and often even more so in other areas like portrait, corporate and commercial photography so we can guarantee high-grade results.

What's your turnaround for wedding photography?

The day after your wedding you will get around 10 HQ edited photos so you can share them with your family and friends right away. In most cases, the rest of the images will be submitted in 2 weeks time.

What if my photographer is unable to make it to the wedding?

We are all human, and unexpected things can happen to every one of us. However, we are not going to risk it for you, and that’s why we always have a backup photographer assigned for your date, just in case. All of our hires are trained and equipped to deliver uniform high-quality results.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, all of our photographers bring two cameras to every wedding, not to mention additional batteries and memory cards. This allows us to be sure that you are covered on your special day, no matter what.

What will be the resolution of the final images?

All images you receive will be full-size without any logos or watermarks. The minimum resolution will be 21 Mpx which is enough to execute a photo the size of a billboard, so you are safe even if you choose to print them as a wallpaper for your living room.

Let's get in touch - communication is key

Choosing your wedding photography and videography crew shouldn’t be taken lightly. We understand how important this step is to you and we are here to answer any questions you might have.

We are here to answer any questions you might have.