Professional Wedding Pgotography


Weddings videography

Photography allows us to freeze moments in time. It has its charm but it is very selective about what it showcases. Therefore if you wish to capture the biggest day of your life more throughly, you should consider Wedding Videography.

Engagements videography

Although many couples state that not much changes after marriage, we disagree. Life is all about change, motion and dynamics, and that’s beautiful. That’s why we believe that capturing your romance on film is a great pre-wedding gift to yourselves.

Family videography

We all know what it’s like when you are trying to both live a moment and shoot a video on our phone at the same time. We say, while it works for the little things in life, it definitely doesn’t do justice to the big milestones such as your kid’s birthday party, your first Christmas at your newly bought house where all your family is going to be, or even your grandkid’s graduation. Allow us to be there for you and capture everything, while you are consumed by your experience.


How do we work?

Our video services are on par with our photography, and are a great way to complement your wedding. While pictures capture particular moments and allow you to observe the details from very close, a video captures movement and sound and therefore allows you to perceive the dynamics of the day.

Our videographers know their craft very well. On top of being wedding videographers, most of them have additional not wedding-related experience in filming, such as music video production, advertisement and film-making. This allows them to represent your wedding in a fresh modern light, while keeping it classy and elegant. Of course, they are always open to ideas, so you can work together to make your footage even more unique.

We work with with the best equipment to ensure that our shots are clean, stable, and highly defined. We shoot in 4K, just like many top-level film productions, which means that your wedding videography will be the same quality as a modern movie. We even offer arial videography, which creates depth within your final videos and helps a lot in telling the story of your big day.

Why we are the best?

We offer our clients services that we truly believe they need in order to make their wedding day literally unforgettable. For example, one of our most popular services is the same-day edit. The bride and the groom are each filmed while getting ready, followed by their ceremony. Then, while the couple and the guest get ready for reception, the video material is being edited to the song of choice, and then played back on a big screen during reception. The video brings up lots of emotions, as well as allows the bride and groom to relive the moment of their union as man and wife, this time watching themselves from a side. It always pumps up the mood and makes the celebration even more exciting.

Another service that is very highly demanded is a 5 minute music video, which is very similar to the same day edit, but it also includes highlights from the reception such as bouquet-tossing and the cake-cutting. This video basically showcases the highlights of the whole day and is great to be shared with all your family and guests or to be occasionally watched together with your partner. It is also a bit more thought-through since we have more time to work on it.

On top of these services, we deliver all of your video footage trimmed for smoother sequence, and ready to watch.


Wedding Videography


Epic Package

  • up to 15 hrs of coverage
  • 2 photographers + 2 videographers
  • 1000 -1500 HQ edited photos
  • highlight video
  • feature wedding film (1+ hr long)
  • Online gallery
  • Engagement shoot
  • Engagement album
  • Aerial videography
  • TaraWeddings USB package
  • Custom handmade 30 pages album
  • Photo booth for 3 hrs with props and unlimited prints

Lucky Package

  • 13 hrs of coverage
  • 1 photographer + 1 videographer
  • 900-1300 HQ edited photos
  • highlight video
  • feature wedding film (1+ hr long)
  • Online gallery
  • Engagement shoot
  • USB package
  • 20 pages album

Merry Package

  • 6 hrs of coverage
  • 1 photographer & 1 videographer
  • 400-500 HQ edited photos
  • highlight video
  • Online gallery
  • USB package


Additional Services

Just for you

Additional Time For Wedding

Additional time

$300 x 1 hour
Additional Wedding Photographer

Additional Photographer

Additional Wedding Videographer

Additional Videographer

Same Day Edit Photography

Same Day Edit


Make the most important day of your life unforgettable!

Wedding Photo Album

Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding Album


Album 20 pages 11” x 11” + 8” x 8” Parent album.

Wedding printing on canvas

Printing on canvas


Custom Art Canvas Print Up To 30” x 40”.

Wonderfull Wedding Slideshow



Beautiful wedding slideshow in a style specially designed for you.


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Wedding Videography Reviews

people talk

Teresa's Review


Amazing work, very sophisticated, classy and elegant video solutions. We were happy to take this affordable wedding videography package. Now we show our kids Mom dancing on her Special Day!

Odele's Review


Choosing a pack with the wedding video was a good choice. Sometimes photos are not enough! Guys are working with professional material, real Holywood! Thank you!

Tiffany's Review


Having a video is good. But having an 4k professional video is much better! Thank you guys for taking care of your clients and being professional videographers on our wedding. At the end of the day I was feeling like a superstar!

Clarissa's Review


Some people become shy in front of the camera, and I am not the exception. But that was not the case during our wedding day. Thank you Sarah for your energy and professionalism! The wedding video we have made is amazing! Always on the repeat!