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At Tara Weddings we aren’t strangers to any culture, and we have photographed the weddings of couples from all over the world. In Toronto and the GTA, however, we have particularly extensive experience with South Asian weddings, including Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi weddings.

As anyone can guess, being familiar with the wedding customs of your client’s culture is important to allow the photographer to keep up and not miss anything important.

When your photographer is experienced shooting weddings of a variety of cultures, they aren’t on autopilot. They are actively watching and making sure they notice all the details of your customs, with an awareness of what moments are important. Even more then having a checklist of the key points to capture, a photographer experienced with South Asian weddings will know how to create a style suitable for the aesthetics of the specific culture’s ceremony.

Aside from helping your photographer to be ready and not be taken by surprise, cultural experience can help them be respectful and discreet during the quiet moments. Not using a flash when inappropriate, or avoiding stepping into area of privacy during a ceremony, are some of the mistakes your photographer can avoid by being familiar with your culture.

It is also important for them to know whether or not it is respectful to take photos at all during a particular time, or whether it’s only permitted to take photos from a standstill position to avoid distracting the guests. This can keep them from distracting the couple or offending guests. When it comes to South Asian weddings, there are several unique and important components to the day that your photographer should be watching for.

The language barrier is something that may come up, so the photographer’s experience could become useful for finding out what is about to happen and be ready.

Although some quick reading, or even just the schedule itself, can fill them in to what the wedding plans are, there is no substitute for your photographer having experience capturing your cultural events.

The unique aesthetics of South Asian weddings are one of their identifying characteristics. The bright and colorful traditional ceremonial attire worn by the couple is complemented by a lavish backdrop behind their decorative stage setup.

Having experienced this visual style many times, an experienced photographer knows how to make it look its best, and showcase all the highlights of the wedding.

The unique aesthetic doesn’t only apply to the clothing and the decorations of the banquet hall. To create a compelling wedding album complementary to your client’s customs, the photographer needs some familiarity with their client’s style and their expectations.

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Being familiar with the couple’s cultural background can give the photographer stylistic ideas that will fit this particular wedding. Once the couple notices this familiarity with their culture, they will feel much more at ease letting their photographer handle the photo shoot schedule. The photographer’s experience will let them know they are in good hands and this will be reflected in both their posed and candid shots, relaxed and enjoying their wedding day.

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Indian Wedding stories


It is our priority to make clients understand what exactly they are investing in when hiring us. Therefore we present you with examples of full Indian weddings we covered. We have a vast experience with both Sikh and Hindu ceremonies, and are closely familiar with all the special traditions and religious ceremonies that are so unique to both of these cultures. Depending on the package, these full-wedding examples include photos from the entire event, short edited videos as well as hard cover photo albums and printed canvases.

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