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At Tara Weddings we aren’t strangers to any culture, and we have photographed the weddings of couples from all over the world. In Toronto and the GTA, however, we have particularly extensive experience with South Asian weddings, including Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi weddings.

Multicultural Experience

When your photographer is experienced shooting weddings of a variety of different cultures, they aren’t on autopilot. They are actively watching and making sure they notice all the details of your customs, with an awareness of what moments are important. Even more, than having a checklist of the key points to capture, a photographer experienced with South Asian weddings will know how to create a style suitable for the aesthetics of the specific culture’s ceremony.

Indian wedding ceremonies

Aside from helping your photographer to be ready and not be taken by surprise, cultural experience can help them be respectful and discreet during quiet moments. Not using a flash when inappropriate, or avoiding stepping into area of privacy during an Indian wedding ceremony, are some of the mistakes your photographer can avoid by being familiar with your culture.

Professional Indian Wedding Photographer

It is also important for them to know whether or not it is respectful to take wedding photos at all during a particular time, or whether it’s only permitted to take photos from a standstill position to avoid distracting the guests. This can keep them from distracting the couple or offending guests. When it comes to South Asian weddings, there are several unique and important components to the day that your photographer should be watching for.

The language barrier is something that may come up, so the photographer’s experience could become useful for finding out what is about to happen and be ready.

Although some quick reading, or even just the schedule itself, can fill them in to what the wedding plans are, there is no substitute for your photographer having experience capturing your cultural events.

As anyone can guess, being familiar with the wedding customs of your client’s culture is important to allow the photographer to keep up and not miss anything important.

The unique aesthetics of South Asian weddings are one of their identifying characteristics. The bright and colorful traditional ceremonial attire worn by the couple is complemented by a lavish backdrop behind their decorative stage setup.

Having experienced this visual style many times, an experienced photographer knows how to make it look its best, and showcase all the highlights of the wedding.

The unique aesthetic doesn’t only apply to the clothing and the decorations of the banquet hall. To create a compelling wedding album complementary to your client’s customs, the photographer needs some familiarity with their client’s style and their expectations.

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Being familiar with the couple’s cultural background can give the photographer stylistic ideas that will fit this particular wedding. Once Indian couples notice this familiarity with their culture, they will feel much more at ease letting their photographer handle the photo shoot schedule. The photographer’s experience will let them know they are in good hands and this will be reflected in both their posed and candid shots, relaxed and enjoying their wedding day.

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Indian Wedding stories


It is our priority to make clients understand what exactly they are investing in when hiring us. Therefore we present you with examples of full Indian weddings we covered. We have a vast experience with both Sikh and Hindu ceremonies, and are closely familiar with all the special traditions and religious ceremonies that are so unique to both of these cultures. Depending on the package, these full-wedding examples include photos from the entire event, short edited videos as well as hard cover photo albums and printed canvases.

Indian Wedding Photography Reviews

from our past clients
We started small, and now look at us, making all these people happy with our services!
Our wedding photographers and videographers are nearly invisible on the day of the event, but we sure do get all the attention after, once we submit our work. We are proud to display nearly perfect scores across all of our reviewing platforms including Google and WeddingWire. See for yourself!
Bride, Toronto
Thank you Paul and team for the excellent coverage of all 3 of my events! From the photos taken at the park to the video shown at the last event, everything was great! I really liked how the video was made, as Paul’s team took the cutest video of my and my husband after the photoshoot at the park, and combined that with the best highlights over the Mangni, Mehndi, and Shaadi. The video was shown at the end of the Shaadi (formal conclusive event) and everyone was left in awe as most of the people saw themselves in the video - it was almost like a movie! Thank you again Tara Weddings!
Groom, Toronto
Bravo! Loved the same day edit! I was in awe after seeing the most beautiful video of me, my husband and bridesmaids shot and put on the big screen for everyone to see the same day at the end of the reception! I couldn’t believe how that was even possible but I guess Paul has an army of well trained editors somewhere. I had to look for my jaw on the floor! Just wow! The pictures were no joke either, those were the most creative photos of me and my husband taken - I couldn’t be more pleased!
Groom, Toronto
I loved my having the Tara Weddings team cover my wedding. From the posed shots to the candid photos taken at the venue were all that I wanted. They knew a lot of of the Sikh culture which I was pleasantly surprised with. They were very cordial with the guests and satisfied any request that our guests had, who I must imagine were quite annoying for Paul to be honest! Haha! However they showed true professionalism and delivered exactly what I wanted. Thank's Tara Weddings team!
Groom, Richmond Hill
I really liked Paul’s style of photography. However I was concerned about certain poses that I have seen in his couple shots which do not align with my religious values. Luckily, Paul showed true understanding about that when I brought this issue up to him, and worked around it with no hassle. He choreographed me and my husband in certain ways which were not pushing the boundaries of my religion, yet were romantic and graceful. I really loved how he was able to have an understanding of conservative muslim wedding culture in Canada! Oh, and the pictures and videos of the reception came out wonderful!! ❤️
Bride, Vaughan
I really enjoyed having Paul’s team work on my wedding! I loved my couple shots and videos done at the park. I was worried about not knowing how to look, move or act for the camera but Paul and his assistants were very helpful in directing, while maintaining a completely relaxed, natural, and fun vibe during the shoot, which is a testament to his excellent interpersonal skills and working in times of stressful situation. I was pleasantly surprised when Paul asked me for pictures of my close family relatives so he knows who they are for the main reception event. My close relatives at the reception also reported to me how nice the photographers were when they were asked for a picture or video for anything, and were ready for anything we asked them to cover. Thank you Paul and the rest of the TaraWeddings team! ?
Groom, Toronto
Great photography and video work by Tara Weddings! I loved the pictures and videos you guys took of all 3 of my events! I have to point out the fact that you guys were super knowledgeable about the Sikh wedding culture as it was shown during my Ardas, you guys were super low profile and quite in the temple in contrast to some photographers I’ve seen at other people’s Ardaas being a disturbance to the prayer. Fortunately, this was not the case at all for me as these guys took pictures of what had to be covered efficiently, artistically and did not make the whole gathering feel like they were in a disco with their flash lights ahaha! The park photos and engagement video came out amazing! Would recommend to any Punjabi folks out there!
Bride, Toronto
Thank you Tara weddings team for taking my pictures for my wedding. I recommend these guys to any handy couples out there looking to get a photographer AND Indian wedding videography for their wedding, Tara weddings is the way to go! That was an issue that was sitting at the back of my mind as I did not know how the media team would know who were the most important people during my wedding, but Paul came through with this method which worked beautifully. You guys worked with the utmost respect and carried yourself professionally at all times, and managed to deliver, and some more! Thank you and namaste ?
Bride, Milton
Great work guys! The pictures came out stunning! You guys really made sure you got all the details of my Dholki and Mehndi beautifully. The videos of the dances really put some life into the videos, as they didn’t just put a camera on a tripod and press record, but they were in a way involved with the dances, so they could capture the movements int he most cinematic manner! Really good stuff! ?? Im going to make sure to recommend Tara Weddings to all of my friends and family who are getting married!
Groom, Toronto
Tara wedding did the shooting for our wedding. We really like their work. The group was very professional and took a lot of beautiful shots during the ceremony and party. Paul was a very energetic and cool guy and he did all the photo poses that we requested. Highly recommended for weddings!
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How Much Does an Indian Wedding Photographer Cost?

Professional Indian wedding photographers can range from $2,000 to $10,000 or more for full-day coverage. It is important to thoroughly research and interview potential photographers to ensure they have the skills and style you are looking for. It is also wise to discuss all aspects of pricing, including any travel fees or additional charges for albums or prints.

What Do Most Wedding Photography Packages Include?

Most wedding photography packages include coverage of the ceremony and Indian wedding reception photography, as well as a set number of hours spent with the photographer. Many packages also include an engagement photo session, a certain number of edited digital images, and options for albums or prints. It is important to discuss specific package details with your photographer to make sure all of your needs are met. Additionally, some photographers offer add-on options such as additional hours of coverage, parent albums, and Trash the Dress sessions.

How Many Pictures Do I Need for a 4 Hour Wedding?

A general guideline is to aim for 50-100 photos per hour of coverage. This allows for a good mix of candid moments and traditional posed shots. It is also important to communicate your preferences with your photographer before the wedding so that they can plan accordingly and capture all the special moments you desire.

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Choosing your wedding photography and videography crew shouldn’t be taken lightly. We understand how important this step is to you and we are here to answer any questions you might have.

We are here to answer any questions you might have.