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A little bit about us

Tara Weddings was founded by a happily married couple, who started their career in fine arts and photography and decided to dedicate their lives to what they love most. Their passion for beautiful images, life-long memories and people’s happiness was the key. Years of practice and experience brought them to the establishment of their own company – Tara Weddings. Tara means “Star” in Sanskrit. It represents their goal – to make every couple feel special on their Wedding Day. High-quality services, top-notch equipment, enthusiasm and a world of ideas secured them a spot among Toronto’s best wedding photography and videography companies.

Practice makes perfect

Behind our belt, we’ve got over 650 weddings, around 250 engagements and almost 600 various events (and counting). View our galleries to get a taste of what we create, and see for yourself how wide of a range of styles and cultures our client’s events come in.
We collaborate with photographers and videographers who are ambitious and full of bright and innovative ideas. Since we live in Toronto, we are also privileged to work with a very multicultural team, which allows us to multiply each other’s knowledge and enrich our artistic perceptions. In the core of our philosophy lies one simple truth- love is a universal language. No matter what traditions you follow, rest assured that we will come to an understanding regarding what needs to be captured, and we will do it in a timeless classy manner.

We are real people with real emotions

Life is all about being yourself and surrounding yourself with people who would make you feel comfortable to do so. That’s why it is important to us that all of our team members have open minds and open hearts. Lina, one of our photographers, sometimes cries of joy during the wedding ceremony. Kofi, another photographer, is a real energizer, he creates a loose environment and makes people forget he’s there even though his camera is pointed straight at them. Augustin, our cameraman, merges into the dancing crowd during reception and dances along while shooting his video material. This human behaviour only enhances the final result, allowing our photo and video artists to accurately convey the atmosphere of the event. We live in harmony with what we do, and our clients can really sense it.

We care about customers

No matter what business you’re in, customers always come first. This is especially true when you are in a direct relationship with the client like we are. That is why we tried building our main packages based on what clients want and need while maintaining reasonable pricing that suits most pockets. That is also why we work closely with you to learn what it is that you expect from us- what kind of shots you like, what parts of the wedding are the most sentimental to you, what mood you are going for, etc. We don’t make our customers wait. We answer quickly whether you contact us by phone, email, Skype or send a pigeon.
Every wedding is a unique experience and at Tara Weddings we pride ourselves in being able to capture both the grand gestures and striking subtleties of your big day ensuring that each photograph and video lovingly transports you back to every moment even after it’s done.