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Tara Weddings is expanding to new countries, and so we are in search of couples who would help us develop our destination wedding portfolio. If your location is a first to us, we would like to offer you our full day photo and video package for as many days as your celebration lasts for only $799 plus travel and accommodation. This is an incredible opportunity to have your cake and eat it too, since our full day packages start at $5000+, so let’s make it happen!

Silent Coverage

We find that camera sounds may be very distracting during the most intimate moments of a ceremony, as well as very unnerving when the camera is pointed at you. That’s why we work with equipment that makes no noises what so ever. The only thing you will be hearing is the beating of two hearts (and maybe the ocean).

Huge Portfolio

We covered over 300 weddings in a variety of locations, settings, and styles. We believe that two people in love enhance any place, no matter how beautiful it is on its own, and therefore, when it comes to taking beautiful pictures, it is not the destination that matters most, but the ever strong warm feelings two people share that bring them there.

Excellent Reviews

Beauty is subjective; however, love is universal. There ’s nothing more rewarding to us, than when people share our perspective of a beautifully captured day, that is a celebration of their love. This is why we showcase our reviews with pride and hope that they will persuade you of how well we comprehend the visual language of amour.

Fast Delivery

We understand what our pictures mean to you, and we will not keep you waiting. Our photo editors are not only highly skilled but also very efficient; therefore your images will be ready in only 14 days from the day our team gets back from your destination.

Advance Booking

Some destination wedding clients reserve our photographers and videographers up to 2 years in advance. Needless to say, that our dates sell out pretty fast. Hurry and book yours here.

Balanced packages

Choose an existing package here or contact us to discuss a custom deal. We offer an abundance of services that can be mixed and matched according to your needs. We guarantee to get you covered no matter where you choose to tie the knot.


Destination Photography


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why choose your local over their local

There are two kinds of destination wedding photography clients- one prefers a photographer native to their destination, and the other decides to bring a photographer from their home country.

The best part about bringing a destination wedding photographer and videographer with you is that you get more connection before and after your wedding. It means that you get to see the person you’re looking to entrust with your wedding photography and talk to him, see if you click and if you like his vibe, before actually hiring him, avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Also, this means that you have more involvement in the finishing process, and have the option to see your pictures at any stage, change your mind more often and generally have a more pleasant experience receiving your pictures face to face with all the bells and whistles.

how do you benefit from bringing us aboard

Let's face it straight- destination wedding photography and videography services are tricky. Not only that you are purchasing a package for your destination wedding photo and video from us, but we are also asking you to buy us a ticket and pay for our stay at the resort so we can capture your big day. You might ask yourself why is it worth it if you can skip these expenses and hire a team on the spot. So let us tell you why.
It is not the finish line that matters, but the trip there. Quite literally. Not only is it one of the most important days in your life, but it is also a big fun vacation trip with the people who matter the world to you, which will bring you joy, unique experiences, and new impressions, freshening up your day to day life.
By hiring a destination wedding photographers and videographers from home, on top of your ceremony and reception you will get professional photos and videos of your whole entire trip- from the flight there to the moment when the newly-expanded family is on a beach sipping on a piña colada. And trust us when we say that you will be rewatching them over and over and over again, bathing in the sun filled shots and the love that’s in the air like it was yesterday.

Professional Wedding Pgotography

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Fiji • Hawaii • New Zealand • Indonesia • Thailand • Samoa • Maldives • Sri Lanka

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Bermuda • Florida • Puerto Rico • South Africa • Caribbean • Bahamas • Canada • Cuba • Curaçao • Dominican Republic • El Salvador • Honduras • Jamaica • Mexico • Panama • Greece

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