How to practice your photography skills to be ready for any wedding

27.05.2019 | Tips and Tricks

Wedding photography is one of the most complicated genres because of the complexity of the wedding day – there is a preparation part, ceremony, bridal shoot, reception. Usually, all these parts happen in different locations, and each of these parts requires different photography skills all on a high level. If […]

Reportage wedding photography – what lens to use?

22.05.2019 | Tips and Tricks

Every wedding consists of different parts – preparation, ceremony, bridal shoot with group shots, reception. During all these parts there is a time for balanced portraits with beautiful bokeh and good light, but also there is a time when the only goal is to capture emotions, real life, real interactions, […]

Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM – one of the best lenses for wedding portrait photography

20.05.2019 | Без рубрики

As a wedding photographer with hundreds of weddings under my belt, I used lots of different lenses from different manufacturers, and today I want to share with you some thoughts about one of my favourite lenses that I use on weddings and for other photography gigs. There are lots of […]

The lenses you need

15.05.2019 | Tips and Tricks

If you’ve seen my previous blog post, you already know what I think about the camera equipment – you don’t need to invest lots of money if you’re just starting. You can invest if you want to be able to get the best picture quality from the beginning, but no […]

Best camera for a beginner photographer

15.05.2019 | Tips and Tricks

If you’re just starting to learn photography, the first thing you need is a camera. Most of the people who are beginning think that camera equipment is what makes the difference between average and professional photo. Did you ever ask yourself why? The answer is straightforward – it’s easier to […]

What is photography?

15.05.2019 | Tips and Tricks

Hello guys! This is a first part of my new blog dedicated to those, who want to learn photography from the inside out and start getting paid for the thing we love to do. Reading different articles and watching youtube for the last several years I always had this question […]

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