Silent wedding photography coverage

Why silent wedding photography coverage is very important for your wedding day.

As you may know, most of the professional wedding photographers and professional photographers in general use DSLR cameras. These are big bulky cameras that produce amazing quality pictures. Everything is fine, but the thing is they click. They click loudly. They click a lot. They click all the time, and if it’s a soccer match, it’s fine. Nobody will hear, and you will not distract anybody with your clicks. But when it’s a wedding and your photographer is standing in front of you, when you’re doing your vows, shaking, trembling, whispering in front of each other, trying to say few words, and at the same exact moment, your photography team clicks all the time, would it distract you?

I believe so, and that’s why we decided to switch completely to another type of cameras that work amazing for weddings, and these cameras are called mirrorless cameras. These cameras are new generation cameras, and they produce the same quality of the picture, which is very important for wedding photographers. But at the same time, they are completely silent. So during any kind of important moments during your wedding, you will not hear any distracting clicks from your wedding photographer, which from our experience, and we’ve seen a lot of weddings, is very important because when you’re silently taking wedding photos, you are not distracting your bride and groom. You’re not distracting your wedding guests. And also, it is very important for your wedding videos because in your videos, you don’t want to hear any kind of annoying clicks of the cameras. It’s much better when you don’t see and don’t hear a presence of your photographer and videographer in the footage.

In our studio, Tyler Weddings, we are proud to say that we are using modern technologies. And for you, it means that during your wedding you will not be distracted by our wedding photographers and wedding videographers. Thank you very much for listening or reading, and see you the next time. Thank you. Bye.