Why we switched to mirrorless?

Hello people. This is Paul from Tara Weddings and today I want to answer a question that I was asked many times: why the whole team of Tara Weddings switched to mirror less cameras. Have you ever seen not mirror less camera?

Usually they produce lots of noise, clicks. Imagine yourself standing on the aisle or seeing each other. Some people are given speeches to your guests and all this time camera is clicking. Your photographer is around you, close to your guests, close to you, clicking all the time, all day long.

It produces lots of noise and lots of distraction for you. Because of this, even the priests at churches often ask to stop shooting during the ceremony because DSLR cameras produce lots of noise. That’s why our Tara Weddings team decided to switch to mirror less cameras.

These cameras produce the same kind of quality so your wedding photos will not suffer from any kind of lack of technology, but at the same time they give lots of benefits. They are completely silent, so during the wedding ceremony, during the preparation, during the speeches, during any kind of other important moments of your wedding, you will not hear any kind of kind of distracting clicks, which is good.

Also, it’s very good for your wedding videographers because they will not be distracted by these clicks also, and in your video, you will not hear these clicks.

Because during the video, when you’re watching the video, there is nothing else as much annoying as clicking camera all day long along your video.

These cameras that we use, they have two card slots. When we take photos or we take videos, they go to two cards at the same time as a backup. In this case, it’s really hard to lose the footage.

It’s pretty much impossible because, if these cards, they fail rarely, but they can, one in the million, but when you have two of these cards at the same time, if it will lag, it’s some kind of miracle.

Also, these cameras, they produce amazing photos and videos. It means when we shoot and when we edit your wedding, we are able to stay consistent with your colors, with filters, what color grading, with anything that we need to do to make it a final product.

Your photos and videos will look consistent, which is great for our clients. That’s why I’ve heard lots of times when they’re saying that they love their photos and their videos and they look great. I’ve never heard any kind of questions or issues about the colors because we can adjust them as we like.

Once you’re set with your colors, they can be applied to your photos and your videos. As you see, the benefits of this camera are pretty amazing. That’s why we switched for our wedding photography shoots to mirror less cameras.

Thank you guys for listening. If you have any questions, please let me know and leave some comments. Thank you. Have a good day. Bye.