Creative awakening – INTRO

Hello people!

My name is Paul, and I am a professional wedding photographer and owner of a top-rated Canadian wedding photography studio Taraweddings. I want to share my story, my thoughts, knowledge, and experience with everyone interested in developing photography and videography skills from the very beginning.

So, my story –

I was born in Ukraine and working there as a professional photographer. When I moved to Canada seven years ago, I needed a Canadian diploma, so I finished the Toronto Film School. Back home, I was working with different high-level Ukrainian/Russian musicians, artists, companies, published a book.

In Canada, I was nobody and didn’t have any connections, so I started to look for a job. I was applying to dozens of different companies as a portrait photographer, model photographer, Walmart photographer, photographer for babies, etc. I was getting not a good response. For some, I was overqualified; for others, my style was not compatible with their vision. The only thing I wanted to do was photography, so I decided to apply even as a wedding photographer, and one day, one wedding studio decided to try me as videographer, and since I knew how to edit as the same day editor as well.

After a few years working for them, seeing all their faults and gaps in the workflow, eventually, I decided to start my own wedding studio.

Long story short, today, our studio has hundreds of different weddings in portfolio shot in different countries doing wedding photography and wedding videography all over the world.

So, and the main question – why am I actually starting this series? I’m a wedding photographer by coincidence. In my heart, I’m an artist and want to create something when nobody’s paying me money saying what they expect, limiting my creativity, something that I can completely mess up and also it will be exciting to teach other people to achieve their artistic and business goals in a step by step manner. Ask me questions and leave some feedback please:)

See you in the next video!