What is a LUT?

LUT meaning: LUT is an acronym for the term “Lookup Table”. To explain it as simply as possible, LUTs are customizable color presets, found in editing software, that can be used to change the colors – and therefore look and feel – of your photos and videos.

These LUTS can be applied to the master channel (overall video), or can be used specifically on certain photos or scenes of your footage. It makes the color grading process more seamless, comprehensive and user friendly, but rest assured – LUTs themselves range in quality, and picking the most professional and detailed packages is essential for optimal results.

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to aesthetics, whether that be your favorite soft light and matted colors in a romantic photo, or crushed blacks, higher contrast, and filmic tints from your favorite film.

Regardless of the style, a professional working with high quality LUTs can work to achieve any desired look, and match any preferred source as close as possible; bringing an already beautiful shot or piece of footage into a whole new and more dramatic domain.

Video luts

Premiere Pro LUTs

Premiere Pro is, and has been, one of the gold standards in film editing software over the years. The detailed workspace is an editing suite that can get the job done and take your footage to a professional level.

Built with the capabilities of creating your own LUTs and also utilizing pre-built presets, it’s an essential and comprehensive tool when it comes to utilizing your LUTs. Premiere Pro makes it easy to utilize high quality LUTs and apply it to your footage.

Once applied, we can tweak individual computational parameters and enhance the footage further, or alter it for a more personalized approach in attaining a very specific aesthetic.

Premiere Pro can handle and is compatible with a wide array of footage and qualities and is an excellent choice when choosing to use LUTs with your footage.

Davinci LUTs

Davinci Resolve has quickly become an industry giant with its sleek and expertly detailed suite. Used by some of the top film editors in Hollywood, it garners an even more impressive workspace when it comes to color grading. With LUTs presets built specifically for Davinci, you will find some of the best and most cinematic LUTs out there. We can then use these LUTs in combination with the already fantastic color grading software, to really dial in the perfect result for your footage. Whether you are opting for a natural, commercial or cinematic style, you will find it with Davinci LUTs.


Wedding photography luts | Photography luts | Lightroom LUTs

Using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom LUTs in order to master your photos is a final professional touch that is above and beyond the basic. Whether it be for wedding photography LUTs or photography LUTs in general, you will find the most comprehensive and accessible tools in this professional suite. Working with layers can be daunting, but the presets built for top quality LUTs will have you covered. We build LUTs from the ground up and have come to develop very key dramatic and breathtaking LUTs for almost any occasion we are shooting. The looks they create separate our photos from the rest, and make your photo one-of-a-kind.

Wedding photography luts reviews

“We saw our raw photos within 24 hours of our shoot and were all blown away… we didn’t want the lighting and angles… they looked like a finished product. But after Paul had opted to color grade them, we saw what a difference that could make. It went from better to best in an instant.”

Joe & Antonella, Maple, Ontario


“The coloring done on our pictures and wedding video was so pretty! Everything complimented our skin tones and the outfits. Really felt like our own little movie :)”

Shoreh, Toronto, Ontario


“Thank you for the lovely experience! Paul Taborovksy is a pro at both taking the picture and editing it to perfection. We both really loved the coloring done to our pictures and how rich all of the red and gold tones turned out. Bravo!”

Saanvi, Richmondhill, Ontario


FAQ about photography luts

Do professionals use LUTs?

Absolutely. Professionals in film and photography have taken advantage of industry standard LUTs in almost every single professional film and commercial product you see. It is a standard to achieve a unique and eye-catching look on your final product. However, using LUTs appropriately and with skill is not as easy. It requires an understanding of the source footage and must be used with creative and technical discernment.

Should I shoot with a LUT?

It is possible to do so, but once it is set, it’s much harder to edit the footage later on if a new desired look is wanted. Shooting raw and adjusting ISO and manipulating lighting at the scene is much preferred. With the highest quality source footage, one can much more easily and effectively apply a myriad of LUTs.

Are LUTs destructive?

LUT’s when abused can absolutely destroy a quality image. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Having creative and technical discernment when utilizing LUTs in Premiere Pro, Davinci or Lightroom is extremely important in order to achieve the most professional and impressive end result.

Are LUTs easy to use?

LUTs are easy to use once you have a general understanding of any of the aforementioned workspaces, and how to navigate the tools within the editing suite itself. Saying this, however, does not mean that they are easy to know when to use, or which to use. Building a LUT is a much harder process, and requires a bit more knowledge when it comes to primary color grading, and working with a large assortment of the color spectrum within any one given image; and further, how those colors react with the light at hand. Having said that, we have worked hard to establish a consistency with our shooting styles, and having worked so many wedding venues and locations – and having worked with so many clients – we have come to understand which of our built LUTs work best with each unique scenario.