How many wedding photographers you need

Hello people. Today I want to speak about the amount of wedding photographers you need for your wedding. Booking hundreds of different weddings, I’ve heard this question a lot. People asking, how many photographers we need for our wedding? And the answer is simple: it all depends. It all depends on the type of the wedding your having.

If it’s a small allotment, if it’s a small intimate wedding, you probably don’t need lots of people covering your event. But if you’re having a full day wedding, and if you’re getting ready in two separate locations and then coming the ceremony, it will be nice to have extra coverage.

So each of you, bride and groom, will have their own photographer who will be covering completely different parts of the wedding, because groom has his own preparation, then he’s going into the ceremony location, and you want to capture his travel from the preparation location to the ceremony location. If you’re the bride, you want to capture your preparation and then arriving the ceremony when the groom is already there.

So if you’re having just one photographer, he will usually go to the groom first for his getting ready shots, and then go to the bride for her getting ready shots, and then go with the ride to the ceremony location for the actual wedding. But you’re losing this part of the groom’s preparation when he’s going to the ceremony, so you will not have this if you have just one photographer. So if you want to have this extra coverage, it makes sense to add extra shooter.

Also during the ceremony, if it’s just the one photographer, it’s not always possible to capture everything that is happening. For example, groom is standing there already at the ceremony location waiting for the bride to go to the aisle to come to him. So while the bride is standing in a different room, waiting to enter, groom is standing at the ceremony with all the guests waiting for the bride.

And usually grooms are freaking out at this time, they can start crying, they can start being anxious, and so on. And usually when people see these kind of photos, they like them because it’s real, it’s emotional, and it’s priceless for the couple after the wedding. So if you have just one photographer, it’s not possible to capture bride waiting to enter and groom waiting for the bride. Makes sense. But if you have two photographers, you will be able to capture everything that is going on.

So when your wedding starts, bride is walking down the aisle, groom’s standing there looking at the bride coming down the aisle, your relatives, your parents, your uncles, aunts, your maybe, I don’t know, kids and so on, they can look at you, they can stare on you, they can cry and so on, but at the same point of time you can be giving each other rings or vows or something like this.

So one photographer sometimes is able to capture these extra reactions, but overall he will be focused on the bride and the groom, because they are the main people on the wedding day and it’s better to capture bride and groom’s first kiss instead of crying parents looking at the bride and groom kissing. Makes sense. So if you don’t want this extra piece of wedding, you don’t need second shooters. But if you want to capture all these extra pieces and get this extra coverage for your wedding, it’s good to have second shooters.

Same thing if you will have your first dance and you want to capture reactions of your guests at the same time, because lots of time when bride and groom are dancing on a dance floor, their parents looking at them crying, they can react, they can look at each other, one parents to another parents, and so on, bride and groom in their dance. And for one photographer it’s really hard to focus on different things that are happening at the same exact time.

So if you want just a overall general coverage for your wedding, one wedding photographer is enough. But if you want to get extra pieces, if you want to get extra depths of your coverage, I would recommend to get a package with two photographers. Sometimes people book even three photographers, and the reason why? Because some weddings, they require lots of different things happening at the same time.

For example, Indian weddings, Pakistani weddings, Persian weddings, different Asian weddings, because they have lots of different ceremonies, lots of different things happening at the same exact time. They will have lots of pre-wedding events. They will have engagement parties, they will have [inaudible 00:05:40] parties, they will have henna parties, they will have lots of, lots of, lots of different things. And a lot of different relatives are coming, and all of them are usually important.

Because on the Western weddings you have bride and groom, you have close family, you have close friends and all the rest, just random guests coming into your wedding to have free food or stuff like this. But if it’s a Eastern wedding, in most cases, all these people, all these hundreds of people are actual relatives, actual close friends that are coming from different countries, coming from really far. And one photographer would not be able to capture all these people, all these events, all the different ceremonies by himself. So such kind of weddings, they usually require as many photographers as possible, as budget allows, to capture everything.

So guys, if you’re looking for a wedding photographer and thinking about the amount of wedding photographers you need for your wedding, I would say get one photographer if it’s just a general coverage and really easy wedding, and get two and more photographers if it’s going to be a wedding with lots of people, lots of events, lots of performances, lots of different locations for preparation, for photo shoots, for different ceremonies and so on.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and in the next blogs I will be posting more information about weddings, about preparation for weddings, about the scheduling, about everything that you can pretty much imagine, because I’ve covered hundreds of different weddings in different countries, in different cultures, so I have lots of experience. And since I’m the owner of Tara Weddings, lots of photographers working on me, and I’ve seen a lot. So guys, please stay in touch and see you the next time. Thank you.