Why it is important for wedding videographers to have a good light at your wedding reception

Hello guys, this is Paul from TaraWeddings and now I will talk about the lighting at your wedding day. Why it is very important to have a proper light during the reception. And why your videographers rely on the light at your wedding.

So as you may know, different venues, they have different amount of light. They have different kind of light. There is a wedding in a basement, with no windows and there is a wedding on the roof, with lots of sun, it would work.

So in order to get a good quality film from your wedding, there is supposed to be a light. So your footage will not be grainy, your footage will be more cinematic than just plain coverage.

During the morning preparation, your videographer is able is to use window lights. Because usually brides are getting dressed. Somewhere in the room, where there is a lot of light from the windows. For your ceremony, same thing. It can be outdoors, which is fine. It can be indoors, in the church, which is fine. And usually, the ceremonies are not held in a closed environment, like reception. Because most of the receptions, have them at some kind of banquet halls, inside your room. And they’re maybe windows there, which is amazing. And there maybe no windows at this room. Also, the sun may go down and will go down. And this light from the windows will just go away. So you still need to provide light for the video.

So a solution for this kind of question, is the digital light. It’s a light at your reception that your DJ or the venue can turn on during your reception for speeches, for dances, for different performances during your wedding. And the shooting pictures, shooting photos, wedding photos on your wedding day. Our photographers are able to use flash. So they are able to use extra lights. When we are shooting video, there is no such thing as a flash. And we cannot balance the light from the flash light, from the [inaudible 00:01:56]. It’s a little bit overwhelming to shoot like this. One light here and one camera here.

So it is much better to have available light right away. Especially during the reception. Because if you don’t have a proper wedding light on your wedding, during the reception, you will end up with some dull, dark, grainy footage. Which is not the best option. Which is not what you actually want to get, right. So, in order to deliver a great footage from your reception, we need to have enough light for our cameras. That’s right, guys, don’t forget booking a venue to ask them. If they have a proper light set up in the room where you’re going to do your celebration. And ask them to show you.

Take your phone and shoot a video of somebody, of the friend, something like this. Of the vendor. And see if you actually like what you see on the screen, if there is enough light. If not, you may need to adjust something. And this something, it can be hire a professional team to put extra lights for your reception. And this is case, instead of just dull footage, you will get great cinematic film-like footage that you will be able to enjoy more.

Also, people they spent a good amount of money on the decorations. On cake, on plates, forks, flowers, et cetera. And you want to see all this, right. And to see it, you need a light. And especially if you want to see it on the camera. So guys, I hope this information was useful for you. If you have any kind of questions, please let me know and say in touch. Bye