Destination wedding photographer cost – How we charge and what are the rates?

Hello guys, this is Paul from Tara Weddings and today I want to talk about destination wedding photography. How we do it and what we charge. So let’s start from the packages. We have all our packages on the website but these packages are for local weddings, they don’t include travel and accommodation fee. So for the travel fee, we need air tickets or bus tickets or taxi to get to the location of your wedding. And it’s your responsibility to get us to the location.

Another thing is the accommodation. So when we go to any kind of destination wedding, we require a place to stay. And usually we ask, if it’s a resort wedding, we ask to stay at the same resort, somewhere close to the bride and groom. So in this case, we have direct access and we can do some more photo shoots with our clients even before or after the wedding. So in this case, we are open for cooperation if we are going to some new destination location. Besides the travel and the accommodation fees, Tara Weddings doesn’t charge anything else, it’s included in the wedding package.

So how do destination weddings look like? When we go to a wedding somewhere in Mexico, for example, Riviera Maya, some resort, wedding on the beach, we ask a couple to get us to the location a day before the wedding. So in this case, we have enough time to arrive, to put our luggage down, to relax, not to start shooting right away on the same day. Because after the plane or after the bus you don’t want to shoot, you just want to relax, you want to take a shower or something. So we arrive a day before the wedding.

On the wedding day, we shoot the whole day, beginning from the preparation of the groom, then preparation of the bride, then we go to the ceremony. After the ceremony, we go to the photo shoot, and after the photo shoot, we go to the reception. And we stay at the reception until the final ceremonial event, if you will have, a bouquet toss or cake cutting. Because before this time, people are dancing so we have enough time and enough footage of your dances. And after this event, people keep dancing until the end. And usually the footage feels the same, so we usually arrive before the preparation and leave by the final ceremonial event.

Why we ask to arrive before actual destination wedding day? So we can relax and also we do the location scouting. Because all these destination locations are meaningful to you and I believe you want to remember them very well. You do your destination weddings somewhere else, not close to your home, for a reason. And you probably want to have more footage on this location. Or you want to do your photo shoot, not just at the resort or at the hotel or somewhere else, but to include the whole location. Local people maybe, local market, local ambience and so something unique for this occasion. This is what we are looking for, for uniqueness. Because all the resorts they pretty much look the same. And when we shoot at the resort and then go outside in this case, yes, we are able to catch something unique for you and for us.

After the wedding day, we also do engagement photo shoot, love story photo shoot, which is the same thing. Not in the wedding outfits, we shoot how you interact with each other as husband and wife, the first day. Which is meaningful also as the actual wedding and it’s always beautiful to see how married people heart each other.

Thank you guys for listening. If you have any kind of questions please let me know, and subscribe. Bye.