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Leah & Jesse's Wedding

A little bit more about the Leah & Jesse's wedding

Winter weddings are always exciting. Winter and weddings are always beautiful. Winter weddings give a feeling of a fairy tale. And Leah and Jesse’s wedding is no exception.

The preparation took place at Leah’s house, where we arranged a beautiful setup of the details. Where we took place of Leah, is in the bright light coming from big windows. And for Jesse, everything was just classy. They had the first look. And during this first look, they cried a lot. And from this moment, all our team understood that this wedding is exceptional. Traveling to Ancaster Mill wasn’t hard. But the Ancaster Mill just fit perfectly to the first location elevated the whole wedding to a amazing new level. Just simple, classy, elegant wedding with some smiles, some laughter, and some tears. It was warmth during the cold season.

Leah & Jesse's wedding Locations

Wedding photography took place in the most popular wedding locations of Ancaster.

Preparation of the bride for this wedding we shot in this place - Ancaster Mill.

The ceremony took place in Ancaster Mill.

Wedding photoset took place here - this is Ancaster Mill.

Well, the wedding banquet was held in a wonderful cozy place - Ancaster Mill.

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